I don’t really know you

Everyone's had a silly crush and has been through that dreaded whirlwind of emotions, this is one of my experiences. Hope you find it relatable and enjoy! ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)


1. I don't really know you


I don’t really know you, so stop popping up in my mind

You’re disrupting my reading, making me reread the lines 

It bothers me that your smile is in just one perfect curve

Even on a bus full of crowded people your voice is the only one heard 

I can’t catch a break; your face is running away with my sanity

What do I do with these feelings all wrapped up inside of me? 

Overthinking things leads to the construction of false hope 

I really don’t want to be neglected and left in a mope 

So please get a new persona, one that won’t leave me falling 

Ah wait… is that my name you’re calling? 


Written on 6/12/14 @ 12:06 am


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