Why are you going to read this?

Bcuz ur bored


Hey Annie here.... Known as April Teal.
Teal my fav colour and april my middle name if dat explains anything.

So anyways... Read my book of random.

Yeah... Bye
O gawd im making this up as i go


1. o n e

Hehe my name Annie this is bro Peter. Say hi pete

Peter: no

Me: yes

Peter: im not doing this with u

Me: yas u r, now go make me cookies

Peter: no

Me: yas

Peter: go dig a hole and die in it

*starts crying and digging a whole*


Okay so somebody drunk came up to me

Lets call him Fat Beard

Fat Beard: Your hot

Me: ew

Fat Beard: i like your boobs

Me: ew

Fat Beard: what are they called

Me: ew

Fat beard: my friends are called (Dont) (look)

Me: ew

Fat Beard:

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