Take me somewhere far away

Sarah is beautiful girl but she gets so much hate she has trouble realizing it she just wants someone.someone who loves her.someone who will take her somewhere far away. Zayn MAILK FAN FIC


2. Unexpected Visitor

Sarah's point of view

I woke up to a knock on my door.I wasn't expecting anyone I didn't have too many friends and even if I did they wouldn't just come without a warning.Slowly I walked  to the front door and carefully opened it to see...the one and only Zayn Malik.I was in complete shock. Uh..umm...hi? I stuttered as more of a question.You don't get visitors often do you he said laughing.Um no I never do I said quietly holding back tears.I asume he notice my tears because he apologized saying that he didn't mean it and stuff.How did you figure out where I live I questioned.Oh ummmm...I sort of followed you home he said getting embaressed.I studied his face he looked different up close he looked better but as I stared at his handsome face I began to wonder an then I decided to ask the question that had been spinning around in my head I finally manned up and did it I asked Why?

Author's note:Um hi I'm the author and i felt really bad about not updating for a while and I just wanted to apologize it's not much but I hoped that you enjoyed it



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