Take me somewhere far away

Sarah is beautiful girl but she gets so much hate she has trouble realizing it she just wants someone.someone who loves her.someone who will take her somewhere far away. Zayn MAILK FAN FIC


1. Sorry!

Sarahs point of view.                                          I was walking from a small coffe shop that I worked at I didn't have to work tomorrow because I only worked on week days and it was Friday people from High school bully me still and I graduated year ago sometimes when they see me on the streets wich is often or on Social media I wasn't looking where I was going with to many thoughts on my mind to comprehend what was going on so I bumped into someone not just any old someone Zayn Malik from one direction Sorry! I said in shock it's okay he said looking at me and he smiled I'm Zayn Malik he said I know I whispered barely audible i-i'm Srah nice to meet you Sarah he said and he smiled agin that wonderful smile i was practicality melting on the inside as I walked to my apartment I smiled like an idiot Zayn Malik from one direction I whispered to myself over and over agin I pulled out my key unlocked my door closed it locked it ploped down on my couch and fell asleep 

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