Armadillo Shadows

The young prince, Gerome and his other half, twin, must join forces and defeat a threat against their kingdom to protect their family, friends, neighbors, each other.
It is bound to drive you into the story from beginning to end. If you like kingdom, wars, romance, magic both good and dark, will be heart breaking.


1. The Making

Baguio once was a sole land ruled by Great King Gerry who gave his life so that his sons could have a life. Far in the east was called Hidinville and ruled under full authority by Queen Mariah. This land before it was bestowed to Mariah was very poor. Any tax could have ruined the city. Nowadays since being given to the queen it reached high wealth and mainly affordable to the rich. Queen Mariah had grown up here. As a child she witness how much her parents struggled, working two jobs to care for four children. Still though food always seemed to go shortage, money too. They could barely afford a roof. Heat was definitely out the question. They had to gather around a fire and hug. This brought them very closed but the icy weather was killing them. Luckily for one child had fallen in love, and that love had saved the family. Prince Gerry could never bare knowing the young girl he adored was dying. He could not let her live in a frigid house, though compared to most folks saw there home as similar to a cabin. Since their union they have loved one another. Eventually he desired her as his princess and then his queen. She had given him one son, do to infertile, she could never bare him another child. His name was given after Gerry father, Dixon, and of her father last name Mableton, and is called The Mirrah by most of everyone on the whole land Baguio. On reaching his twentieth birthday Dixon earn the title commander--over the soldiers, on the grounds of the south called Hsieh. Gerry other son Gabe who now reign over the lands was conceived to an unknown mother. Nothing is known of her. Gerry would never mention not a word of his mother. Gerry promised to his mother that Gabe will earn title as king and he lived up to his word. He had sworn to the lady, as always The Great King never broke a promise. Gabe proved to be an amazing and loved king. To nearly everyone he is called brother and father rather Your Majesty, Lord Gabe, not even called My King. He have always chose law and order, gave each individual the same laws. His wife Mariam bore him two children: prince Gerome and princess Melinda Faley. Third and certainly not last, there was Ron who was much loved by Gabe. Ron was known as the lands Judge, who enforced the laws Gabe made. In the North where Ron lived and established a liberty city: they enforced laws crucial to prevent any kind of misfortune, hoping to keep people well, physically of course. Ron shoulders were slim, not one piece of hair could be found or felt on his face, not even the top of his head--he's been bald from birth to present. His arms as soft as cushion. There once been tales of him having cancer but been fighting death, also other tales like he was cursed this way by a Shadellian one of many almighty goddess, but everyone has been wrong and the truth to the cancer had been classified for generations. The truth to this cancerous poisonous is this. Ron obtain cancer from a Shadellian passing it down to him. His mother who mated with Gerry knew she had cancer, still gave him a poisonous cancer that is cursed to happen to any one of their offspring. Did she intend to give him cancer? Did she even have sympathy? Unless a cure is found their genes will have cancer every passing down. Though Ron is to heart kind to give another woman cancer with a hundred percent chance his child will have this cursing cancer too. Now we're updated with more life facts about Ron. The fact stands he has no wife or children. He is lonely of having no genetic family. Finally, we have reached the offsprings of Gerry, with his last child has brought Baguio into a threatening world. His final child Ervan grown to rule over the west land. The west was known to be the dead hunting grounds. Besides the Great King and his offspring of Gabe any one else that crossed over into the west never returned, however others have proven that there is really no difficulty to crossing and returning from the west, which now it's renamed after Gerry son Ervan. He is filled with sexual appetite, misconduct, inappropriate behavior, and war madness. His hair was dyed paint-like red that includes head and facial hair. He was the devil, only then folks suggested the name: Eval. Eval was to them the mightiest demon. Once dead he ruled over Yugor. He took his home as every dark shadow made by every thing in the Milky Way galaxy.
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