Where do broken hearts go?

Louis Tomlinson, ⅕ members of One Direction comes to NYU for 4 weeks since the boys are on holiday. Louis bumps into Eleanor Calder and couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He doesn't stop until he gets her. Will he will he love her? Steal her heart? Or will it all be just a game?

Cover by: -brokenrecord
© Copyright 2015 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved

"It was all a game and you played it well"

Cover by: -brokenrecord

© Copyright 2015 HazzasPrincessxoxo. All rights reserved


4. Chapter 4

Eleanor Pov

Today I’m going out to the shops. I want to get me some new clothes whilst I can, because if I don’t get it now I won’t have time to shop until the weekend, and I currently need some new outfits. Hopefully today will be good. I just want to enjoy a day in the city by myself. Then get to my dorm. I need to set everything up along with buying some bedding.


Later tomorrow there will be a assembly in the main hall of NYU at 5. Along the way I should probably stop at target get my school supplies, and a new dress. If anybody knows me well they would know that am very organized. My parents think that I have OCD because I clean, and have to be organized because if I’m not I can’t really focus.


As I enter in American Apparel, I began to look at all the clothes. There are some high waisted jean shorts that I seen, but I didn’t quite like them. It’s really hard to shop here in america because of the money difference. For Example, the money in Europe is pounds, and in America it’s dollars. So when I came here, I was thankful for my aunt; who lives in California had given my mum dollars in exchange for euros.


I began to search for more dresses until I seen this really pretty printed cotton spandex jersey double u-neck dress. Before I can pick it up a girl picks it up.


“I’m sorry were you going to get the dress?” she ask me politely


I stood there admiring the dress. “I would love to buy it, but it’s totally up for grabs” I say looking up


She chuckled before saying what she wanted to say. “Honey it’s fine, really take it if you want the dress, by the way I’m Sara! Also you would pull that dress off better than me!

I smiled back at her. Letting her know that she’s really nice. “Thanks! I’m Eleanor, and are you sure it isn’t a problem?” I say looking worried.   


“Yes, I promise it’s fine!” She says


“Can you help me with paying?” I begin to get nervous


“Let me guess, it’s your first day in america?”


“I came yesterday, so I still don’t know how to pay, and shop correctly.”  


“Oh don’t worry. I’ll help you if you would like my help. Maybe even a tour of NY? would help”


“OMG!! you’re such a life saver. You should be happy to know that you’re the first person who’s talked to me since I got here! Do you think that you can show me how to get to NYU?”


“You attend NYU!” her face lighted up


“Yep, I got accepted, and chose to come here over University Of Manchester” I say


“Wow that was a big decision” She says with wide eyes


“Tomorrow can we meet up after the assembly? Maybe grab a bite then go shopping for your dorm?”

“I’m all free so that would be nice”


After our chat she helped me pay for the dress, then we said our goodbyes. Since I was tired, I came back to the hotel. Both Sara and I exchanged each other’s numbers, and promised that tomorrow after the assembly we will get something to eat then go shopping.

I began to grab my undergarments from my duffle bag, along with the rest of my pajamas. Taking a quick shower I get out and start brushing, and blow drying my hair. I get into bed and dream about missing home. Could I be homesick already?  

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