Where do broken hearts go?

Louis Tomlinson, ⅕ members of One Direction comes to NYU for 4 weeks since the boys are on holiday. Louis bumps into Eleanor Calder and couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He doesn't stop until he gets her. Will he will he love her? Steal her heart? Or will it all be just a game?

Cover by: -brokenrecord
© Copyright 2015 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved

"It was all a game and you played it well"

Cover by: -brokenrecord

© Copyright 2015 HazzasPrincessxoxo. All rights reserved


3. Chapter 3

Eleanor Pov

Last night was my first night alone. I didn’t have time to set up my dorm, and since I have lots of stuff in my room, I just decided to rent a hotel for the night. It felt weird yet refreshing to be here, because I hate plan rides. I feel sick sometimes, but I’ll be ok! When I got here it was pretty late.


That’s the other thing I forgot. I’ll have to adjust to the time zone. There’s a major difference in the times. Now I’ll have to think of away to talk to my parent’s. Which will probably be hard.


Today is my first day on campus, and is my first day in the city. I really need to go shopping for new clothes, and more room decor once I get settled in. For now I’ll just have to deal with the stuff I have now.


Before I get out of the bed, I order some breakfast, and leave my mom a nice message. “Still can’t believe it’s my first day here!” I squeal.

My phone vibrates, and i’m on my feet to see what it is.


Honey I can’t believe that it’s already you’re first day in New York! I hope last night’s flight was good, and I hope that you got some rest. Me and your dad misses you terribly. I know that I should be sleep, but I that you’re probably up, and I should talk to you while I can. You have some mail here. I won’t open it up, so I’ll be sending it to you, along with some money. Please take the money. I know how you are. You won’t take it. Just think of as a going away gift. I have to go now my love but call me sometime when you’re not busy. It doesn’t matter what time; I promise I’ll answer back. Love you honey, and have a good day.  


Before reaching the end of the message I just broke out into sobs. I don’t think I’m ready to be on my own yet. I feel as if I need my parents every step of the way, so they can help fix my every mistake, but I learned that I can’t dwell on them forever.

A knock on the door startles me. I flich out of my thoughts, and answer the door. I greet the room service guy who looks like he’s in his 20’s, into my room to set my food down on the diner table.


“Will that be all Ms?” He said politely


“Do you think that you can get me some coffee?” I ask back hoping it’s not too much


“There’s a Starbuck’s downstair’s would something from there?” He says smiling


“Yes, please!” I say a little too loud  


“What would you like then Ms?” His eye’s still on me


“Please call me Eleanor! And I would like a Grande White Chocolate Mocha Frappe with no whipped cream”


“Alright Eleanor, my name’s Logan. Nice to meet you, and okay I’ll grab that and be right back up.


Today couldn’t get any better. This morning so far has been a really great morning. Honestly, I thought that my first day here I would get lost in the city, or bump into some obnoxious person. Looks like I shouldn't be worried after all!


When Logan get’s back with my frappe. I began to eat and drink, whilst picking out some clothes. I Think I should stop in the city on my way to the dorms to see some shops.

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