Where do broken hearts go?

Louis Tomlinson, ⅕ members of One Direction comes to NYU for 4 weeks since the boys are on holiday. Louis bumps into Eleanor Calder and couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He doesn't stop until he gets her. Will he will he love her? Steal her heart? Or will it all be just a game?

Cover by: -brokenrecord
© Copyright 2015 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved

"It was all a game and you played it well"

Cover by: -brokenrecord

© Copyright 2015 HazzasPrincessxoxo. All rights reserved


2. Chapter 2

Eleanor Pov

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I rub my eyes and turn to look at the clock. It read 12:30 p.m. My phone started to ring, so I picked it up. The notification on my phone, read “Your package, and things are ready at your dorm. For a few more seconds I laid in bed, and just thought about less than 8 hours I will be in NY.


Getting out of the shower with new clothes on felt great. I felt like I was missing something after I got dressed. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that, I just took my last shower, in my own room.


“Ellie, you have to make sure that you have some protein bars in your bag for your flight” my mum said loudly


“I do mum, do you think that you can but some chocolate bars in my bag?” I say looking around for my phone charger


My things are packed, and I doubled checked twice. I have everything that I could possibly need. Last night my mom, gave me a gift that I will never forget. She made me a blanket, that has my name on it. It has NYU in big bold letters, and it has my favorite quotes.


Being miles away will be challenging. It sucks that mum and dad will be here miles away. All I ever known, and I come to love; I will have to say goodbye to, for a few months. Until i’m home to visit.


I know in NY there are amazing opportunities that people have given me will be life changing. I Eleanor Jane Calder will take all the opportunities that will be handed to me. With no if’s, and's or but’s about it.


An hour goes by and before I know it mum is coming in to my library room to tell me it’s time to go. The hardest part about this all is leaving home. I’ve been here my whole life, so just to up and leave makes everything so wrong. I know that it’s time to live my own life, but I really can’t imagine my life with my parent’s, so it’s still hard to even process. Tears well up in my eyes as I slip my mum’s and dad’s letters underneath their door.


Might as well get used to everyday phone calls, letter’s, video chat, and emails daily. Waking up laughing, and having somebody there when I need them will be hard because my parents listen to anything that’s going on. I take a deep breath and walk to the staircase.


Goodbye the only thing I used to know… Goodbye for now.


Mum put my things inside of the car, and begins to drive. It’s quite odd just hearing silence. Never in a day of my life has my mum been this quiet. My dad just looks like he’s about to cry, which I haven’t seen him do before.


“Were here El” my dad says looking up into my hazel/green eyes


“Thanks for coming again, I love you both so much, and thank you for all that you have sacrifice for me to make my dreams come true. There’s no way I could make it without you” I say with tears falling from my eyes


“Aw sweetie, we love you so much to. No need to thank us! You worked your butt off for this, and there’s no turning back. El make me, your dad, and your family proud. Even when things are rough keep pushing through baby, because momma, and daddy will always be by your side” My mum says then kisses my forehead


Letting go of my mum’s hands I began to look at my dad. “You’re not going to cry are you dad?” I half-smile


“Of course not pumpkin” he looks at me with tears in his eyes “Just remember, I love you El, and I will be here every step of the way, till I leave this earth. You will be successful, I can feel it. Make me proud princess, don’t let me down” He finally let’s a tear fall


“I promise daddy” I say back to him while hugging him ever so tight.


Over the intercom a lady said “Flight 65 will be taking off”

I quickly grabbed my suitcases, and walked to the plan entrance. I waved bye to my parents… Here I come New York    



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