The nanny of Mr.Edward Cullen 8 children

Bella a recent college graduate. Her dream is being a teacher. But the job market is bad so she can't fine a job. Specially that she has a 4 year old son that she has to take care and loves him with all her heart.
Edward is the boss of the company Cullen Unique and his a father of 8 children that he loves. But he needs a nanny for his 8 kids , he already fired 15 nanny because of his kids. So he dresspret needs a nanny so he tells his best friend Emmett that work with him. Emmett tells him about his sister Bella needs a job and she will accept be the nanny.
But the problem will be if the Cullen kids will accept Bella to be their nanny or they going to make Bella get fired. Or Fate intervenes, changing them all.


3. The Thing's you have to do..

The Thing's You Have To Do..

Chapter 3 : BPOV

What will you do in a situation that you will not have nothing to supper your own child and that your own father have to work his ass to supper his own daughter and his grandson. Without money to make because no one wants you to hired you for work because everyone say you a "Slut" "Whore" "Bitch" ect.. That baby you have is a baster with no father. You may think that this Town is old history but to tell you the true, this fucking town it is.

As my own mother or should i say "Ms. Renee Dwyer". What a mother of my, since she found out i was pregnant she remarriage with this Phil Dwyer a rich boy i may say. Next thing i knew about her was she left with a black eye with that son of a bitch rich boy Phil. But you know what, i didn't care about my own mother because she never was a real mother to me i always was a disappointment to her own eyes. She never care for me why should i care of her right. But that day she left ,make me realize that i will not be like my own mother and that in the hard times an good times i will love my child no matter what and my son will come first on all my decision i make.

That's why today i decided to move in with my brother Emmett with my 3 year old son. Let see how things go..... I know is a short chapter i have written but i being really busy with school guys.


This Friday i may write the next chapter to those that like my story. Go easy on me is my first story to write. I hope you enjoy.

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