The nanny of Mr.Edward Cullen 8 children

Bella a recent college graduate. Her dream is being a teacher. But the job market is bad so she can't fine a job. Specially that she has a 4 year old son that she has to take care and loves him with all her heart.
Edward is the boss of the company Cullen Unique and his a father of 8 children that he loves. But he needs a nanny for his 8 kids , he already fired 15 nanny because of his kids. So he dresspret needs a nanny so he tells his best friend Emmett that work with him. Emmett tells him about his sister Bella needs a job and she will accept be the nanny.
But the problem will be if the Cullen kids will accept Bella to be their nanny or they going to make Bella get fired. Or Fate intervenes, changing them all.


2. The decision to make

The Decision To Make 

Chapter 2 : EPOV

I wake up with the sunshine tickling my face.I sat up groggily with the ringing of my phone. I groaned who could be calling me now at this hours. I checked the clock quickly and saw that it was nine o'clock a quickly answer the phone with out checking who call me.

"Hello?" my voice broke and my noise wrinkled at my breath. Ugh hate morning breath.

"Hello , sleepy head!! ", Alice said more like shouted from the other end all happy.I cant believe we related in the family she's a morning person but i hell don't.

I groggily standing up of the bed and looking for my slippers and stared walking to the bathroom and get ready.

"Damn Alice , i think it should be illegal to be so hyper in the mornings" i said now in the bathroom looking at my self in the mirror to brush my hair but it didn't help it still stand up different directions , damn stupid hair of my. Well poor my kids they inhered my crazy hair style.

"ha,ha, really funny Edward anyways i didn't call for nothing in the mornings.So Emmett call me because you didn't answer your damn phone. He told me that you need to be in the office because theirs a meeting at 10:00 am" Alice said with out taking a breath.

"Shit is already 9:25 am.Well i should get ready now thanks shorty.I call you later sis". i said after the she said bye and stared to get ready to go the office. 

i when down stair to the kitchen i saw Jefferson the buddler was cooking breakfast for the kids that will be down stairs any minute.I said good morning to Jefferson and got my cup of coffee and when to sit in the table. Then my old's twin boy's William and Richard came to sit down in the table serving them self. Then my girls came all together all dress up Ashley the old's of my girls and Tiffany was arguing with Janet on what she was wearing. Then i saw my baby girl Vivian walking with her head down not paying attention to her sister's. Be hide her came her trouble brother's Andrew and Alexander. Then their nanny Sofia came be hide them.  Everyone where siting down and serving them self. What a family i had poor my wife could't see this how our children are growing to fast. My kids still miss their mother she die last year for cancer on her breast she fight it in the end she didn't last and she die. 

"Good Morning everyone," i said to my kids already finish my coffee and standing from the chair.

'Good Morning Dad." everyone said at the same time.

"Oh well , going to work today." I said walking to get my keys for my Mazda car for work. 

"But daddy is a Saturday, why don't you stay here with us." said my daughter Tiffany looking at me with puppies eyes. 

"I'm sorry sweety but i have a important meeting to go, but i will try coming early today to spend time with everyone, alright." 

" Don't make promises that you can't make them true dad, we already know you never make them.You always come late. So don't hope nothing Tiffany , he perfores his job then spend time with us."my daughter Ashley said glaring at me and she walk out of the kitchen.

I was going to go after her but Jefferson the buddler told me i was going to be late to work. I will deal with her later. I have a meeting to go too. I Hope my day goes better.


That's chapter 2 for yall i hope you all in joy this chapter. (: If you have Ideas for this story just comment and let me know.

This Edward car for work.



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