The nanny of Mr.Edward Cullen 8 children

Bella a recent college graduate. Her dream is being a teacher. But the job market is bad so she can't fine a job. Specially that she has a 4 year old son that she has to take care and loves him with all her heart.
Edward is the boss of the company Cullen Unique and his a father of 8 children that he loves. But he needs a nanny for his 8 kids , he already fired 15 nanny because of his kids. So he dresspret needs a nanny so he tells his best friend Emmett that work with him. Emmett tells him about his sister Bella needs a job and she will accept be the nanny.
But the problem will be if the Cullen kids will accept Bella to be their nanny or they going to make Bella get fired. Or Fate intervenes, changing them all.


1. The Beginning of everything

 The Beginning of everything.

chapter 1 : BPOV

 Damn I'm so stupid. What i will do now. I barely 19 and starting collage next month. I shouldn't have went with Jessica to that stupid party, i will not be in this damn situation and still i don't remember shit what happen in that party. Whatever happen to me that night got me pregnant , and the fuck up part i don't know from who i got fuck up. and to let you know am not a slut actually that was my first time do it with someone and in the end i don't remember a thing about it.

How i will tell my parents they sure going to be disappointed of me. Well they both diverse now. i know Charlie will get mad at me but then he will get over it (what can tell you am a daddy's girl).Well my mom is another story she cares what the people think around this stupid Town. Then what about my brother Emmett he move to New York with his wife Rose with their two boys.But his so protective of me if i tell him this he will want me to move with them because he knows that this nosy town will make my life a hell. Well a one point i have to tell them. 

Telling Charlie (dad)

Oh MY GOD am going to tell dad everything i cant hide things from him. i started walking to the living room i can heard the tv on sport channel paling. shit i can't do it am to nerves for this, i feel like throwing up.but then i walk in the living room i see my dad in the sofa watching the tv. Then he turn around to see me.

"Hey, Bells you want to watch the game with me" he said looking at me with a smile but he saw that i didn't return a smile to him and he drop his smile to me and look at me serious, " What's wrong Bells, you don't look fine"

okay here goes nothing i was going to say something but nothing came out of my mouth. ugh why is so hard to tell him that am pregnant and that i don't know who's the baby daddy of this poor kid that will not grow up with a father only with a single mother. 

" Bell's what's wrong , why you crying" Charlie say now walking my way. 

" Dddaad, i... shit this to hard to said it to you. dad you going to get mad at me" i said crying now.

" Just say it bells you scary me".

" i'm Ppregnnant." i said out loud. Then i heard some one walking in to the living room. I turn around to see my mom standing there looking at me up and down. She stared walking to me. Then she slap me. that i didn't saw it coming then she stared insulting me.

" Bella really with all that we give you, you repay us by being pregnant you little slut you don't think what this fuck up nosy people will think of us they will say 'there goes that slut of a daughter Renee has' don't you think of your mother Bella. You know what lets go get that thing out of you, now that is early of a pregnancy." What the fuck she say.

" No, sorry mom but i'm kipping the baby i don't care what others say of me. I'am not you, mom and you can't tell me what to do anymore am not a five year old anymore. i'm already 18 years old and i can make my own decision and i already decide to kip this baby."

"Charlie you not going to say nothing about this problem." mom said facing my father. 

"No am not going to said nothing about it is her own decision if she wants to kip that baby she can, am no one to dine that to her decision. But i will said that if you need anything bells come to me always and i will help you because your my daughter and whatever you do or make will not change who you are sweaty."  when dad finish what he said i run to him and hug him.

"Thank you daddy" then i heard the door close i knew that my mom left. that moment i knew that everything will change and it was just the begging of it.     

what you think guys ? better then the last time of "Your life. my life together" is the same story but i change some parts. let me know what yall think about this story please thank you (;

Charlie House where Bella lives for right now.



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