Sherlock's Only Friend

A kidlock fanfiction.


1. Abigail


"Yes, Sherlock?"  Mycroft responded irritated.

"Can I play with you and your friends."

"No, because they're my friends.  Go play with your friends."

"I don't have any." Sherlock said quietly.

"Go read a book." Mycroft responded pushing sherlock away.  So sherlock did.  He sat in the park on a bench reading about psychology while Mycroft played rugby with his friends.  Sherlock was five and Mycroft was twelve.  Sherlock was in kindergarten and hadn't managed to make any friends in the first three months.  They were different, they saw but they didn't observe the world around them.  So Sherlock spent most of his time reading.

"What's today's book, William?" Asked a little girl who sat on the bench next to him.  So far she was the only one in Sherlock's class that seemed intelligent enough to bother talking to.

"You can call me Sherlock, Abigail."  She was the only one, besides the teachers that called him by his first name.

"Only if you call me Abby."  Sherlock liked the name Abigail better than Abby and she knew that.

"William, what is Psycology?"

"It's the study of the human mind and what it does."

"Cool." Statements like this used to throw Sherlock off.  Abigail was the only one who ever thought anything Sherlock did was fascinating.  She would ask him questions and pay attention.  She didn't have a mind like Sherlock but she was willing to use her own to its full extent.  That was why Sherlock talked to her.

"What do you want to be when you grow up William?"

"I want to be a pirate."  Abigail was surprised by this, expecting some word she didn't understand yet.

"We can be pirates together.  William, want to play a game?" Abigail asked Sherlock with a grin on her face.  Even though he knew the answer he still asked her.

"What game?"

"Let's play deductions."

"Who do you want me to deduce?"

"Him."  She said pointing to a man with a navy shirt on.

"He has two kids; a boy and a girl, he's a single father, previously in the military, but not anymore because he is raising his kids.  He still has a job in the medical field and they have a dog, as far as I can tell from this distance."  Sherlock was getting better at deducing things since he met Abigail, probably because she would make him deduce at least one person a day.

"That was cool, but how could you tell?"

"He has more than one kid because he keeps looking in two different places, which led me to think they were a boy and a girl.  First because they would be playing together unless they were really far apart in age, but they're not.  Because second, the man is subconsciously holding a hairtie in his hand, so he has to have a daughter.  He has a boy because he looks at the right a lot and that's the direction of the field where there is currently two different games going on that are all boys, a soccer game and a rugby game.  The boy is playing in the soccer game, if you were wondering.  He is a single father because he is not wearing a wedding ring.  He was in the military because he stands very strong and disciplined.  But he isn't anymore because he isn't in shape like a normal militant and his skin would be tan due to the time spent in the sun.  He's currently working in the medical field because he uses his hands with precision when he moves them suggesting a surgeon, perhaps.  He could have been an army doctor previously.  And they have a dog because there is hair on his pant legs."

"That's pretty cool.  Now deduce me." Abigail said looking at Sherlock.  

"I told you before that I can't figure out how to deduce you Abigail.  I know you're American, but that's only because of your accent."  For some reason Sherlock couldn't deduce Abigail but everyone else was an open book.  

"Well, maybe next time you can figure it out.  I have to go now Sherlock, but I'll see you at school on Monday."  And just like that the little girl with the long black hair walked away.  Sherlock and Abigail stayed friends until the beginning of fifth grade.  It was summer when Sherlock told her he had to leave.

"William, what book are you reading this time?" Abigail said sitting down on the ground next to sherlock.  Abigail would come to Sherlock's house whenever she had the chance so they could talk.  

"My mother wrote a book about calculus."

"That's math, right?" Abigail asked looking over his shoulder.

"Yes, it's college math." Sherlock said.  He would have treated anyone else like they were stupid but he knew Abigail was honestly interested.  

"William, what do you want to do when you grow up?"  Abigail was now the only one who still called him William.

"I want to be a detective." He said setting his book down, in the grass.

"A detective, awesome.  What made you want to be a detective?"

"I saw that story in the paper where the boy died at a swim meet.  But he was murdered.  I know he was murdered."

"But the doctors said it was just a freak accident."

"They are wrong.  Think about it.  After the death the police gathered the kids belongings but they didn't recover any shoes.  What kid leaves behind their shoes?"

"Oh William, you become a detective and when you solve the case I will lose any doubt left in my mind."

"Okay, some day I will solve the case."

"But you are too cleaver to be just any detective.  You could be a detective that helps the detectives when they get everything wrong."

"A consulting detective?  That's not a real thing."  Abigail was always coming up with ideas like this and in his own special way, Sherlock admired that.

"William Holmes, the world's only consulting detective."  

"That would be neat.  What do you want to be?"

"A doctor, I guess I don't really know."

"Well, between you and I.  Mycroft has this idea that he will basically be the British government.  Which you won't have to worry, because you are technically an American.  Though you are losing your accent."

"I may just end up living my life here.  We can put up with queen Mycroft together."  Abigail knew how to make Sherlock laugh and that was what he would miss the most.

" Abigail, there is something I have to tell you.  I will be going to the school Mycroft goes to this year."

"You will still come home for holiday and summer though, we can still see each other and we can talk on the telephone."  It broke Sherlock's heart to say goodbye to his only friend.

"We can still talk, I will call you when I get the chance."

"Alright, whenever you find time to read you can find time to call."

"I will call you later, I have to pack.  We leave tomorrow."  Sherlock stood up.

"Can I come over tomorrow and say goodbye?" Abigail asked looking sherlock in the eye.

"It would be harder to leave if we said goodbye tomorrow.  We can say goodbye now." Sherlock and Abigail hugged for one of the last times.  

"Brother, don't trouble yourself with her.  After all your mind is far more advanced than hers."

"Shut it Mycroft, I don't want to ever hear you talk about her again."  Mycroft never mentioned Abigail for the rest of their school days.  Sherlock visited Abigail once when he returned from school but she had new friends now and he didn't want to trouble her.  He had no friends from his new school and now he lost his only friend.  The kids at school thought he was weird because he couldn't help but deduce his daft school mates.  He spent most of his time in the library, always close to dialing the phone but never actually doing it.  He never sees Abigail again.  


Sherlock has just solved Irene Adler's pass code and now she is getting prepped to be behedded.  Some of her enemies have caught her and she is defenseless, she didn't even have the chance to see Sherlock one last time.  But then there he is, and he actually saves her life.  They are driving away, hoping to get Irene to someplace safe.

"How long have you known it was me, William?"

"I go by Sherlock now, Abigail."

"I go by Irene."

"So I guess you never became a doctor."

"You remember that after all this time?"

"Of course Abigail, I never did forget you."

"William, I do care about you."

"I know, who else would have been able to stop moriarty?"

"You always did believe in me."

"Abigail, I'm sorry I didn't call, I just didn't know what to say."

"It's alright now, but one last question before you leave me here.  How did you know it was me?"

"You were and still are, the only person I can't deduce."

"I do love you William, goodbye."

"Goodbye, Abigail."  Irene Adler has been confirmed as dead.  Mycroft who knew Irene was Abigail changed the file to show sherlock that she was in America.  It was the most likely place for her to be and he expected sherlock to fall for it.  He did truly feel bad for him.  Every now and then though, John can hear Sherlock talking on his phone to a lady named Abigail.  John doesn't know an Abigail and doesn't bring it up to Sherlock, but he can hear every conversation ends the same way, I love you.  And it brings John hope that Sherlock is getting over Irene Adler.

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