Meet The Originals (Twilight Story)

Things are about to get really interesting in Forks When The Original Vampires show up, Carlisle's twin sister Celesta joins in the fray to make Carlisle pay for a human mistake. Bella and The Wolves are shocked by this. Some attempt to destroy them but they are True immortals and cannot be killed. When they turn on Celesta they get a big surprise.


1. Info & Chapter One : 1660




The Original Family

Ester Mikealson

Mikael Mikealson





Rebekah Mikealson

The Cullen Family



Edward- Bella Swan = Renesme





The Volturi








The Rest of The Guard


Pastor Cullen

Celesta Cullen

David Smith

Leah Harper

Troy Harper

Witch Hunters 


Chapter One 

Well at least it isn't a small town” said Elijah.

Don't worry Elijah” said Ester “I'm certain no one will bother us here.”

These people hunt witches and vampires” said Finn “we won't fit in here.”

I made you those rings with our family crest” said Ester “They will allow you to walk freely in sunlight without the light reviling what you are.”

Let's unpack I'm tired” said Rebekah.

Small towns are boring” said Kol.

I'm sure we'll find something to keep us entertained” said Klaus.

Don't worry Rebekah I'm sure you'll make a friend” said Elijah.

Look there” said Leah “That's Mikael Michelson he's the one who came and bought the house. I heard he had children but I never seen them until today. He's really hansom. My mother messed up documents just so she could see him again.”

Really” said Celesta “I like that one.”

I wonder who he is” said Leah “We should go talk to them. Welcome them to London.”

My father is going to make me do that later” said Celesta “I don't want to go and they say I've been then I'll get in trouble.”

You never cared before” said Leah.

My father is burning people today at noon” said Celesta “More people who've done nothing wrong. Do you really think witches would be stupid enough to get caught knowing they will die if they do.”

Your right” said Leah “Please I want to meet them.”

Then come when I go with my father” said Celesta.

Celesta time to go” said Carlisle.

Coming” said Celesta “Time to listen to people scream.”

Wait my brother made these for you” said Leah “you put them in your ears and cover with your hair. No one will notice."

Lets go” said Celesta.

The two girls fallowed after Carlisle.

Celesta go home and bake a pie for the new family” said Pastor Cullen “It should be finished by the time we get done.”

Celesta returned home.

He knows you cant bake that well” said Leah “he wants them to tell you how horrible it is.”

That's why your doing the baking” said Celesta.

What kind should we make?” asked Leah.

Strawberry” said Celesta.

I was thinking apple” said Leah.

Make both” said Celesta “I'll cut and peel apples then chop strawberries.”

I'll make the crust” said Leah.

Celesta and Leah made two pies.

There's a witch burning in the square” said Elijah.

No need to worry Elijah” said Ester unpacking a crate. I will ensure you will remain hidden. But you are immortal noting can kill you unlike other vampires you are truly immortal.”

I know but you and father are not” said Elijah.

Don't worry” said Ester “our lives are prolonged. We can remain a family.”

Of course” said Elijah.

Did you see those two girls starring at me” said Kol looking in a mirror.

What makes you think they were looking at you” asked Finn “They were looking at me.”

You both are idiots” said Rebekah “The blond girl was looking at Nick.”

No she wasn't” said Klaus.

Yes she was” said Elijah “She looks the type to want a little danger. You should give it her.”

I doubt father will allow it” said Klaus.

You're right you stand no chance” said Kol.

You three are pigs” said Rebekah leaving the room.

Carlisle, Celesta, Pastor Cullen and Leah walked up to The Michelson House. Pastor knocked on the door. Mikael answered.

My I help you” He asked.

I am Pastor Cullen” said Pastor Cullen “This is my son Carlisle my daughter Celesta and her friend Leah. We would like to welcome to London.”

Thank you” said Mikael.

We made these for you” said Leah “Its still very hot.”

Thank you” said Elijah taking the pie.

Here” said Celesta holding her out.

Thank you” said Klaus taking it.

Let's go” said Pastor Cullen.

Are they your next victim's?” asked Celesta.

Silence Celesta” said Pastor Cullen “Witch's are among us so are vampires. It is my job to rid us of them.”

Really” said Celesta “if I were a witch or a vampire I would make sure I didn't get caught. Those you've killed did nothing wrong there's a place in hell just for you.”

Pastor Cullen slapped her across the face.

How dare you speak to me that way I'm am your father” said Pastor Cullen.

And a murder” said Celesta she walked away before his hand at her again.

Your getting bold” said Leah.

I'm tired of being pushed around” said Celesta.

Don't be angry” said Leah “Please if you keep going he's going to lock you in your room again.”

I'm sure you have other friends Leah” said Celesta.

I don't actually” said Leah “People think that I'm the reason people keep dying. They I tell you everything I seen and then you tell your father. No one likes us.”

I don't” said Celesta “One day I'm going to leave and go where no one knows me. My brother can continue to me my fathers lapdog and I can be free.”

You said I could go with you” said Leah “Only we don't have enough money to go and start over.”

I'm working on it” said Celesta “Its difficult my father doesn't give me much at a time.”

I managed to save eight hundred pounds” said Leah “I have it hidden. But if we ware going to leave we need to go soon.”

I know” said Celesta “I'll think of something.”

It's getting late” said Leah “I'll see you at church tomorrow.”

Leah walked through the streets quickly. Celesta took her time in walking home. Once there she Carlisle and her father ate dinner in silence. Celesta made sure they were sleeping when she quietly went down to the chapel. She opened the money chest with the key she took from her father. She took five hundred pounds out of and went back to her room and hid it under the false bottom in her trunk.

All most there” she whisper to herself re-locking the trunk.

Niklaus make sure you are presentable for church tomorrow we need to blend in here” said Ester.

Mother we are new here many people do not go to church” said Klaus.

That Pastor was here to see if we were witch's or vampires” said Ester “Now we need to keep up appearances. In his mind witch's and vampires can't enter a church.”

So we go walk in and listen to his ramblings” said Klaus.

Mother is right Niklaus” said Elijah “He will attempt to his so called test on us by making them look like accidents. I'm more concerned with his daughter.”

She doesn't look like she could harm anything” said Klaus.

I've talked with some of the locals” said Elijah “Any man who has asked for her hand in marriage has been accused of witchcraft. I heard that a boy kissed her on the cheek as a hello and her father burned him right in front of her. Her brother dose anything he says he rarely stands up for his sister even though they are twins.”

That says for about them than her” said Klaus.

I spoke to her friend” said Finn “She was happy to share everything she knew about her it wasn't much. But I expected more from her best friend. I learned she actually afraid of being called a witch, which is why she's around Celesta all the time.”

So self preservation is normal for a human” said Klaus.

It's not Celesta's father shes afraid of” said Finn.

It's Celesta herself” said Rebekah “I just see her stealing church funds. If she get's caught her father will who made her do it all she has to do is say her name and she will be burned as witch.”

No it's not that” said Finn “She has a power over people, its hard to explain.”

She can make them do what she wants” said Klaus “The only difference is she doesn't know she's doing it.”

What if she dose and makes you tell her what you are” said Elijah “Stay away from her Niklaus.”

That would be rude” said Klaus “She's not immune to compulsion.”

Your right she's not” said Elijah.

No” said Ester “Don't turn her Niklaus.

She doesn't need this” said Elijah,

But she needs a father who beats her” said Niklaus “I did a more thorough investigation. She get's the blame for everything. Her brother doesn't even care about her. The reason her father called her Celesta is because her mother died in child birth trying to have her brother. You see she was born first then him. But because she was a girl she got the blame for it. Alright I won't turn her unless she asks me to. Is that fair?”

Klaus left the room.

I have a friend I talked to” said Kol “He knew her, he said she knew everything about vampires down to The Original Family. He came here hopping a bigger city would be easier to feed in without be noticed. She found him after he finished feeding. He saw her aura and realized she has one of the most powerful gift he had ever seen so far.”

So he told her everything” said Elijah “What is her gift?”

Well she can get inside your head for starters” said Kol “make you do things physically and mentally. He says her power will only grow. She can become a real problem.”

She knows theirs an actual vampire here yet she hasn't told her father” said Elijah.

We do nothing right now” said Ester “she is no threat to us. I hope we can keep it that way.”



The next morning Celesta was handing out parchment to those who came in.

Hello again” said Klaus taking a program.

Hello” said Celesta “I didn't think I would see you here. I don't even want to be here.”

I'm sure it will be interesting” said Klaus “I'm Klaus by the way.”

The Michelson Family sat in the very back. Celesta sat where she could see Klaus clearly.

Why aren't you paying attention?” asked Leah.

Celesta fell into Klaus's thought's at first he was kissing her passionately. The next he bit into her neck and started to drain her blood.

Hey” said Leah snapping her out of it “are you ok?”

Fine” said Celesta “I'm fine. Do you think my father would notice if I left.”

I don't doubt it” said Leah “He's watching you.”

Oh well” said Celesta.


The hours wore on around noon church was over. Celesta was sitting outside with Leah.

Hello” said Klaus.

I hope you weren't to board” said Celesta.

No it was interesting to say the least” said Klaus.

Perhaps you ladies can help us with something” said Elijah “We were wanting to throw a ball but we are not quite sure when to throw it. Can you help us?”

Well you want to make sure you get all your invitations out” said Leah.

Next Saturday evening would probably be the best time” said Celesta.

Why Saturday?” asked Kol.

Well it's not to far away and it will give you time to prepare for” said Celesta.

Saturday sounds good” said Klaus “Thank you for your help.”

Saturday it is” said Kol “Why did you go along with what she said its not like you?”

She was very keen on it being Saturday evening” said Finn.

Excuse me” said A girl “I'm looking for a birthday gift for a friend. I need a mans imput can you help?”

Who's your friend?” said Elijah.

Carlisle Cullen” said The Girl “His birthday is next Saturday I'm not sure what to get him.”

Isn't he and Celesta twins?” asked Klaus.

Yes but I've already got her gift” said the girl “She's easy to buy for. I'm my opinion anyway.”

Is Celesta a friend of yours” asked Elijah.

She more of an acquaintance” said the girl “It's rude to get one of them a gift and not the other.”

Your a friend” said Klaus “An acquaintance wouldn't care.”

fine she's a friend” said The girl “You can't blame me her dad is a psychopath hell bent on killing people for no reason.”

I like you” said Kol “Can we get to know each other better.”

Sure” said the Girl “I'm Faith.”

Kol” said Kol “Now about Carlisle you shouldn't go all out.”

He's made a friend” said Rebekah.

Or dinner planes” said Klaus.

Father please can I get it?” asked Celesta.

No” said Pastor Cullen.

I'm saved enough money” said Celesta “I'll be 20. I can make my own choices.”

Not while under my roof” said Pastor Cullen.

This gave Klaus an idea.






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