Meet The Originals (Twilight Story)

Things are about to get really interesting in Forks When The Original Vampires show up, Carlisle's twin sister Celesta joins in the fray to make Carlisle pay for a human mistake. Bella and The Wolves are shocked by this. Some attempt to destroy them but they are True immortals and cannot be killed. When they turn on Celesta they get a big surprise.


2. 1660: Birthday Blues

As the week wore on Klaus made sure he got to know Celesta a little bit better. Carlisle was learning from his father but he did notice the two of them getting closer. He didn't tell his father though he thought she deserved some kind of happiness in her life.

Carlisle managed to talk his father into letting them both go to the ball The Michelson Family were throwing. Carlisle couldn't manage to talk him into allowing Celesta to get the dress she wanted to wear though.

But Saturday afternoon a package arrived for Celesta.

Celesta this is for you” said Carlisle.

Who's it from?” asked Celesta taking the box and placing it the table.

It came with this” said Carlisle.

To Celesta happy birthday I'd like you to wear this to the ball tonight. I will see you there and would very much like it if you save me a dance” read Celesta she opened the box and inside it was the dress she had been saving for.

It's beautiful” said Carlisle.

What's this?” asked Pastor Cullen “why doesn't it say who it is from?”

Maybe they are afraid they will be the next person you burn at the stake” said Celesta taking the card back “I'm going to get ready.”

She went upstairs.

I have half a mind not to let her go to that ball” said Pastor Cullen.

Father no” said Carlisle “We've already told the we are all going. Besides it would be rude if she excepted the gift and not go.”

I never said she could keep it” said Pastor Cullen.

Father we are twenty now” said Carlisle “I'm sure a husband is closer then she thinks.”

I'll announce it tonight” said Pastor Cullen.

Announce what?” asked Carlisle.

Celesta's engagement to Lord Jenkins” said Pastor Cullen.

Celesta did not accept his proposal” said Carlisle “She turned him down twice.”

She just excepted one of his gifts didn't she” said Pastor Cullen “It's time she grew up and married.”

Father you don't know who that dress is from” said Carlisle.

Lord Jenkins is a good man he can take care of her” said Pastor Cullen “I will announce it tonight. This arrangement will be good for her.”

No” said Carlisle “As her brother I will not bless this arrangement you cannot do this without giving her some warning. Otherwise she will be just as shocked as everyone else. It's not fair can we please talk about this.”

Fine Celesta can send the dress back then we can invite Lord Jenkins over and discuss this tonight” said Pastor Cullen.

Father please wait until tomorrow” said Carlisle “It's our birthday please for me wait for tomorrow.”

Fine” said Pastor Cullen “We will discuss this tomorrow after church.”

Thank you” said Carlisle.

Celesta was brushing her hair. As Carlisle knocked on the door.

Come in” said Celesta “Carlisle do you need something?”

I'm here to warn you actually” said Carlisle.

About what?” asked Celesta.

Father's decided on a husband for you” said Carlisle.

I'm not marring that pig of a Lord” said Celesta “I've turned him down twice.”

Father has decided you will marry him” said Carlisle “I got him to wait until tomorrow but he believe you excepted a gift from Lord Jenkins. He may or may not decide to announce it tonight.”

This dress isn't from Jenkins he doesn't have the brains to think of giving a woman a gift like this” said Celesta “He has no taste he thinks jewelry is the way to my heart.”

Speaking of which” said Carlisle “I got this for you. I had it engraved as well.”

Celesta took the silver bracelet and looked at the engraving. It read to Celesta Happy birthday 1660 Love your brother Carlisle.

Thank you” said Celesta “This is for you.”

She held out a box and Carlisle took it. It was a watch. It read Carlisle The truth lies beyond what you see.

Funny” said Carlisle.

And true” said Celesta “You shouldn't be so quick to judge others because of there differences. Just because someones different doesn't mean they have to die for it. If there are vampires in the world they may not be that way by choice. Remember that.”

I will” said Carlisle helping her put on her bracelet “Hurry up or we will be late.”

He left.

Mikealson's mansion.

Wow” said Celesta “It's beautiful. Our house could fit inside here at least five times.”

I see that” said Carlisle.

Celesta you look stunning” said Lord Jenkins “I have a gift for you.”

He opened a box and a diamond bracelet shined in the light.

I am still not interested” said Celesta “So stop sending me gifts. It must horrible for a man of your standing to be rejected time after time. But I'm sure it will sink in if I do it publicly.”

She walked away.

Your father says otherwise that's all I care about” said Lord Jenkins.

Celesta is my sister not a piece of meat you can claim” said Carlisle “I hope she made herself clear this time.”

We need to know if she knows about us” said Elijah.

We kill her if she does right” said Kol “Got it.”

No” said Ester “If she dies then her brother will tell there father about all the time she's been spending with Niklaus.”

May I have this dance?” asked Klaus holding out his hand.

You may” said Celesta talking it.

You look beautiful in that dress” said Klaus.

Thank you for giving it to me” said Celesta.

Today is your birthday” said Klaus “I wondered why you chose today of all days. You rarely get a chance to celebrate your birthday so you wanted to do it secretly. Hiding your true agenda from your father. So when you were asked what day we should hold our ball you of course chose your birthday.”

I turn twenty today” said Celesta “I was going to leave tonight with my friend. Escape like my brother Cal did at this age I haven't see or heard from him in five years.”

You want a girl who pretends to be a friend to you just so she can get away from her abusive father” said Klaus.

Not her she's a means to an end” said Celesta “I don't trust her she's lies a lot.”

She would sell you out in a heartbeat” said Klaus “I didn't invite her for that reason. She's plans to sell you out when she get's your money. She's going to leave you holding the bag so to speak.”

We'll see” said Celesta.

Would you like a tour?” asked Klaus.

Sounds lovely” said Celesta.

Klaus led her out of the ball room and up the stairs.

This is my room” said Klaus opening a door.

Nice” said Celesta walking inside.

She touched his sheets they were made of silk.

Are you going to kill me?” asked Celesta.

Why would I do that?” asked Klaus.

Because I know your a vampire” said Celesta.

That is a problem” said Klaus “But people have seen us together if you die or go missing they will look at me and my family.”

Why else would you bring me to your room?” asked Celesta “Then lock the door. You don't want me leaving.”

Your free to leave any time” said Klaus “The locked door is so no one interrupts us.”

Klaus smelled her hair. Celesta knew what he wanted from her but wasn't sure she could give it with out her father knowing.

What is it you want from me?” she asked.

Just you” said Klaus kissing her.

She gave in imminently.

So you are Celesta's brother” said Rebekah.

I am” said Carlisle.

She's cast quite a spell on my brother” said Rebekah

Most men only want her because she my fathers daughter” said Carlisle.

She is uncommonly beautiful for a pastors daughter” said Kol “Sorry I couldn't help by hear your conversation. Isn't today her birthday?”

It is our birthday we ware twins” said Carlisle.

I don't see it” said Kol “She's seems so daring and unafraid of anything you are the oppisit.”

Celesta likes to rebel” said Carlisle.

So you do as told” said Kol “Quite the loyal dog you must be.”

Kol that's enough” said Elijah.

I was just leaving anyway” said Kol walking away.

Rebekah followed after him.

Please forgive Kol he speaks his mind no matter what” said Elijah “Most of the time he is wrong. Please enjoy the rest of the party.”

Carlisle watched him walked up the stairs and whisper in his mother's ear.

It's just a matter of she'll have to agree to be my wife at some point” said Lord Jenkins.

I heard she turned you down twice” said a man he was talking to.

Just rumors right” said another.

No” said Carlisle “she turned him down. She has no interest in marrying him. Please remember that. Also she doesn't like being persuade there is no telling what she will do if you ask again.”

I'll take your advice under consideration” said Lord Jenkins.

Please do” said Carlisle knowing he wouldn't.

Carlisle realized Celesta wasn't back yet. A tour of the house shouldn't be taking that long,

Get your sister and lets go” said Pastor Cullen.

She's taking a tour of the house with a few others” said Carlisle.

I can have Niklaus to walk her home if you like” said Finn “I'm sure he would be honored to.”

That is fine” said Pastor Cullen “Carlisle you coming.”

Yes Father” said Carlisle.

Thank you for the lovely evening” said Pastor Cullen.

You're welcome” said Finn.

As people left Celesta and Klaus remained in Klaus's room. Cloths cast aside on the floor.

Nick is ruining everything” said Finn “I'm sure her father knows she hasn't returned yet.”

Her father and Brother are sleeping I checked” said Elijah.

It doesn't matter” said Ester “There's something about that girl. He will is strong overcomeing as well. She and Niklaus share much in common.”

At least he's having fun” said Kol “I'm board I need entertainment.”

Have at it” said Rebekah.

It's no fun to go alone” said Kol.

Niklaus is shaming that girl” said Finn “She the daughter of a Pastor and the one who's been hunting down witches.”

Celesta was laying in the arms of Klaus. That was her first time and it was beyond words. She fell asleep.

You enjoy your night boy” said Mikael.

Klaus had something in his hand and stabbed him with it.

I did” said Klaus “I'm a little tired of you calling me that. So I'll give you some time to think about it.” Mikael hit the floor and Klaus put him into a coffin and locked it.

He looked at the sleeping Celesta. Her hair was in her face so he brushed it back.

You will be mine one day” he whispered in her ear.


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