Meet The Originals (Twilight Story)

Things are about to get really interesting in Forks When The Original Vampires show up, Carlisle's twin sister Celesta joins in the fray to make Carlisle pay for a human mistake. Bella and The Wolves are shocked by this. Some attempt to destroy them but they are True immortals and cannot be killed. When they turn on Celesta they get a big surprise.


3. 1660: As You Come Undone

Celesta now” said Pastor Cullen.

Yes father” said Celesta.

Are you alright you look ill” said Carlisle.

The doctor said I'm fine” said Celesta “It will pass I'm sure.”

The doctor said he didn't see you” said Pastor Cullen.

I'm fine” said Celesta “Don't worry. I'm going to rest.”

She went upstairs and laid down

Drink this it will help you feel better” said Klaus.

What is it” asked Celesta.

You'll like it try it” said Klaus.

She smelled it before tasting it. She drank it quickly. Klaus kissed her making sure nothing was on her lips.

Can I have more?” she asked.

You want something fresher” asked Klaus “Rest first, then I'll show you how to hunt.”

Celesta closed her eyes as he kissed her. A few hours later Celesta was shaken awake.

What” asked Celesta.

The Doctor is here to see you” said Pastor Cullen.

Have him come back later” said Celesta.

Get up now” said Pastor Cullen.

I'll make it quick” said The Doctor.

Thank you” said Pastor Cullen closing the door.


She's pregnant” said The Doctor The doctor checked her over and felt what she felt. He didn't seem to understand.

Well Miss Cullen you seem to be pregnant” said The doctor “It's doesn't seem to be normal though.”

I don't understand” said Celesta 'I have to lie and play dumb for as long as I can.'

I'm not sure I believe you” said The Doctor getting up and leaving the room.

Well how is she?” asked Carlisle.“she's over half way through.”

What” said Pastor Cullen “She cant be be shes didn't gain any weight that I've noticed.”

She's done well in hiding it” said the Doctor “Either that or she didn't notice it can happen in women who show no symptoms at all. She didn't until now.”

How long dose she have left?” asked Pastor Cullen.

Three months maybe” said the doctor “I've never seen a case like hers though. It's strange I'm sure the weight will catch up with her.”

What do you sagest we do” asked Pastor Cullen.

I believe she's engaged send her to him let them deal with it” said The Doctor.

I see” said Pastor Cullen “She didn't want to marry Lord Jenkins so she found another man to be with knowing he wouldn't want her.”

I didn't know she was Engaged to Lord Jenkins” said The Doctor “I was speaking of Klaus Mikaelson. He asked her to marry him when he took her to dinner one night she excepted. But even before that it was clear they were in a relationship. I thought you knew they were so public about it.”

The Doctor left.

How dare she” said Pastor Cullen.

Celesta climbed out her window and onto the street.

Celesta” yelled Pastor Cullen as she ran down the street.

Why would you do something like this Celesta?” said Carlisle.

Find her and bring her back here after that she is not to leave” said Pastor Cullen.

Father if she goes to him they won't let you take her” said Carlisle “She and adult now there's nothing you can do.”

Watch me” said Pastor Cullen leaving the house.

Celesta was banging on the door to The Mikaelson house.

Celesta are you alright?” asked Elijah.

When my father and brother show up tell them i'm not here and you haven't seen me” said Celesta going to Klaus's room.

What happened?” asked Klaus.

My father found out” said Celesta “I don't know what to do.”

It's all right” said Klaus “You can stay here with me.”



Several weeks after Celesta left home. Her father was angry Carlisle couldn't do anything to convince him to let her be. Pastor Cullen wasn't taking it lying down the police wouldn't do anything because she was an adult.

Father please reconsider” said Carlisle.

I will not” said Pastor Cullen.

He left.

Celesta was sleeping.

We cant keep doing this” said Finn “He's watching us day and night.”

Calm down Finn” said Klaus.

He won't back off even if you marry her” said Elijah.

He's not getting my child” said Klaus “You would do the same Elijah.”

Enough” said Ester “She's having difficulty trying to remain calm and neutral the way she should be while pregnant.”

Mother can't you do something?” asked Klaus.

Unfortunately no” said Ester.

Celesta heard everything they were saying. The only one who wanted her there was Klaus. She couldn't her father would take her back home.

You're awake” said Ester “Drink this it will help relax.”

She poured tea into cup.

Dose pregnancy always feel like this?” asked Celesta.

No” said Ester “It's different because Niklaus is a vampire. I've never seen this before it's new for all of us. Dose it help?'

No” said Celesta “I'm thirsty but nothing helps.”

Niklaus has been giving her human blood” said Elijah “That is why she can't drink enough.”

Well I can't say I'm surprised” said Kol “They both have blood lust why should there child be an different.”

Klaus walked into his room as Ester left.

Don't drink that” said Klaus “Drink this.”

He handed her a cup. She drank it in seconds.

Better” said Celesta.

Good” said Klaus “Get some rest.”

A week later her father got his hands on her. She went into labor that same night.


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