The "Guy Friend"


5. the plan


Once I was dropped of at home I texted Cameron

(C-Cameron f-Frankie)

F-hey what are you doing tonight?

C-nothing why?

F-let's graffiti the school!

C-I LOVE how you think

F- see you there at 8:00

C-ok can I bring a friend or two?

F-only if I can???

C-ok see you there

I texted the boys and they are coming and we are going to hit up there school too... Cam is brining it friend Nash,jack, another jack, and Matthew. This is gonna be AWSOMEEE!!!!

I put on my black skinny jeans and a fitted black shirt with black converse and grey beanie

Cam picked us up and we talked. Now u can sit in side and not at a tree alone! But the boys drove there them selves. "Where here!" They said. I walked out side "ok I get the whole eastern side and you guys can split it out!" I said running approaching the 15 ft wide 'blank canvas'"

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