The "Guy Friend"


2. the new boy

The plane landed and we where in a car driving to our new home. "Wow dis wiw be soooooo funn!" Kendell screamed. I rolled my eyes and Robbie yelled at me. Once we where there I jumped out and grabbed all of my bags and walked in side. "Your room is up stairs to the left honey!" Mom said I walked up and threw my bags down. "Wow my room is SOOOO bigggg!!!" Kendell screamed I walked over and she was right, her room was bigger than mine! Oh well at least I go a balcony! I walked on to see the next door neighbor looking through his window at me. I waved and he blushed and closed the curtains. I have to admit he was cute! He had dirty blond hair that was really curly! He had a bandanna on too! Well my furniture was already in so I just had to put in my cloths and my posters.


I was caught looking at my new neighbor. I ran down stairs to see Calum, Luke, and Michael. "Dudeeeee did you see the neighbor??" I asked no we haven't.... Why?" Luke asked "because she is H-O-T!" I screamed. "Well let's go over and see her!!!!!" Michael screamed "ok let's go over!" I said. And with that we all left.

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