The "Guy Friend"


4. schools a bitch


It was 8:30 I had to go before they noticed I was gone. " shit guys I go to go can you pick me up from school tommrow?" "Cours bae!" They said "ok by" I ran up stairs and jumped it to my window and fell asleep.


I got up and got ready: black Eminem shirt, black skinny jeans, lime green vans, and matching beanie. I had winged eye liner and a smokey eye. I said bye to Kendell and ran out. I walked to school with Lincoln Park blasting through my ear buds. I approached the school and saw it. It was a school were every one was stuck up rich had a dress or a tux on. I felt out of place. "Ewwww look guys it's an emo!!! Ewwwww" I almost slapped her but walked into the office. I got my schedule and some weird looks from the staff and walked off.

-----------------skip to lunch-------------------------

I sat alone out side and ate. I listened to music when I felt someone pull out my ear bud. " WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!" I yelled I had my eyes shut and opened them to see a very scared boy. "S-s-sorry I just wanted to say I-i-i like your style..." He said " sorry I just...ya sorry... I'm Frankie!" " I'm Cameron!" He look like he was nice we talked all of lunch and told me about his friends and who to stay away from. He gave me his number and he walked off. Well I might not end up killing everyone here!!!

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