The "Guy Friend"


3. meeting them


I put on my high waisted short shorts, a whit see through crop top that had an infinity sign on it. I straightened my hair and put in my green beanie and matching vans. I then put on a bracelet that my BFF Alyssa gave to me. Not only did I leave behind my dad but my 2 bestest friends EVER. One was Alyssa she was 16 like me, we grew up together... Like since we where 2 yrs old. And the other was Elizabeth but we called her izzy, she was 17 and we where neighbor hood besties. But I walked down to here a knock at the door. I opened it to see the neighbor and 3 others. " ummm hi?" I said as there was an awkward science "OH! Ummm hi I'm Ashton... This is Michael, Calum, and Luke!" He said oh hi I'm-" I got cut off by Robbie screaming at my mom "woah who was that?" Michael said no one umm can you wait just a second? Ok thanks!" I said as I slammed the door and ran down stairs. "I DONT CARE I SHE HEARS US KRISTEN!" Robbie screamed at my mom " SHUT UP ROBBIE YOU JERK!" I screamed " YOU CANT HURT ME ANY MORE BECAUSE DAD IS COMING TO LIVE HERE SOON SO I CAN MOVE OUT AND LIVE A NORMAL LIFE!" He just glared at me and walked out. I walked out and opened the door to see they had left. "Shit" I mumbled to my self. "God he ruins every thing!!!" "I hate it here and I want to go home to dad where every thing makes sense!!!!!" I screamed and ran up stairs and texted Alyssa. She was the only one who knew what happens here at this hell hole.


"God he ruins every thing!!!" "I hate it here and I want to go home to dad where every thing makes sense!!!!!"I heard the girl next door scream. "Wow" all said in unison "maybe we should go back over?" Cal said. "Wait I have an idea!" I screamed and walked over to my window in my bed room. I threw stuff at her balcony door until she opened up. She had red puffy eyes and she looked like she was going to pass out. "OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY?!?!?" Mikey screamed "SHUT UP OR HE WILL HERE YOU!!!" She whisper yelled " who your dad?" Cal asked softly and her eyes widened with rage, she screamed at cal " NO HE WILL NEVER EVER EVERRR BE MY DAD HE IS JUST A CHEAP PEICE OF SHIT THAT MY MOTHER USES TO MAKE MY LIFE HORRIBLE AND TO MAKE MY DAD MAD!!!!" She look at us... We where all in shock in how loud that little 5'5 girl just screamed. She looked down and said "sorry I have just been through a lot lately..." "It's ok... Want to come over?" I said "her eyes got big. "Really even tho I just yelled at you?" "Totally our moms do it a lot!" "OK!" She said " I will just let you in Down-" I got cut off by her jumping in to the window perfectly with out getting hurt. "Woah" we all said. "Well let's get talking!" She said

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