The "Guy Friend"


6. little did they know.

Little did they know they know I was and artist. We split the walls but I got the whole eastern half. It was dark and depressing. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!AHHHHHHHHH!!!! "" ash said out of no where. "What... Is it not good?" I said cautiously "WHAT NO ITS PERFECT!" Mikey, cal, and Luke said in unison. "Well...thanks..." "ZAYUM GURL YOU A GOOD PAINTER!" Cam and Nash said. "SHUT UP IDIOTS YOU WILL GET US COUGHT!!" "HAHAHA YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN GET THEM TO SHUT UP!" Cams other 3 friends said. "WTF IDIOTS SHUT UP!" "Sorry..." They ALL said. "Well I will walk home... By guys..." Then I ran off knowing Robby was on a rampage again.

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