Means Girls

Hi my name is Emma and I'm the new girl in town. I'm 15 years old and I'm gonna start a new life, now that won't be hard, right?


1. Welcome To Sydney!

Today is the day I'm leaving crappy old Michigan! My dad got a job offer to Sydney, which means everything is gonna change.

Life here pretty sucks. I'm not the cliche pretty girl that gets good grades, wears mini skirts and gets the man. My life isn't anything like that.

Last year, I fought a tough long battle of cancer, which I defeated. Of course, I did have to have chemo therapy, which sucked.

Unfortunately, my hair didn't grow back yet, so I would always wear a beanie. The good thing about chemo(although, there is nothing good about it)I NEVER had to shave my legs.

Yes, I am depressed. Most of my life consists of cutting, crying, and spongebob. Now back to reality:

"Emma! Wake up! Our plane leaves in five hours!" And that here, folks, is my mother. She always ALWAYS has to be on time.

"OMG mom chill! Our plane leaves at 5:30 and it's only 1:27!" Yep. That's the earliest I ever wake up. 1:27. (Not counting school...)

"Get ready!"

I wore my favorite All Time Low tee with red flannel and black skinny jeans. I looked at myself in the mirror while putting on my beanie and my nose ring. Before you start judging me, the only piercings I have are singles, doubles, cartilage on my right side, then a nose stud and a lip ring I rarely wore, so I decided to wear it today. Cause today, I'm feeling lucky.

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