Means Girls

Hi my name is Emma and I'm the new girl in town. I'm 15 years old and I'm gonna start a new life, now that won't be hard, right?


2. The Horrible First Day

*lets skip everything*

I woke up and put on some leggings, black vans, a black and white Mickey Mouse shirt. And I cannot forget my black beanie. I grab my black backpack and run out the door. This days gonna be fun.

I walked into to school with my confidence level bursting out of the room.

People here in Sydney are much nicer than in Michigan.(and a lot safer)

Everything was fine until science class.

Uh oh.

I sat in the middle of the classroom and waited for the rest of the class pile in. That's when I saw Kim Johnson. The cliche bitch.

"Emma! So happy to see you! Guess everybody gets a new start huh?" She said laughing and rolling her eyes. What?! She already has a posse? What the actual fuck?!

"Kim what do you want? Everyone knows your an attention whore." I said rolling my eyes.

She huffed then walked away while everyone gave silent Ohhhs and She just didn't and what's that chicks name?

Click clack click clack click clack. Fuck. I thought. She always wears high heels.

Just as a group of (hot) boys walked in, she turned around and gave me a comeback.

"Oh and Mickey is for babies."

Think fast Emma!

"It's forever 21, dipshit." Then the boys that walked in laughed and high fived each other. And one giggled??

"Hmmp more like forever 2."

I clapped and stood up and nodded my head while everyone looked confused.

"Clap everybody! The bitch made a decent comeback! I'll make sure to remember that one!"

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