Hey There, Dililah

Delilah is your normal girl. One day while going to her her after work, she sees a boy in her back seat. What happens next? Find out in Hey There Delilah!


2. Crazy dad





Dustins dad

Dustin's POV



I ran out the room to get Lily, my sister and the packs doctor. She was a girl so she could help me with this, also she could tell me what's wrong with Del. “Lily! Lily I need your help!” I screamed. In about ten seconds, she was there. “Lily, you have to tell me what’s going on with Delilah. She doesn’t remember who I am and it’s hurting Jackson.” I told her. She smiled and I took her to where Delilah’s room was. “Here, find out what’s going on.” I said. Lily walked around her three times and then put her hand on Del’s head.


“She has amnesia, she’ll forget everything for a while but it will come back to her in a few weeks.” She said. Lily left the room and left the house all together. “Hey there, Delilah.” I said. She looked at me and kinda smiled. “Hey? Um… who am I and who are you and who was that gir-” She started but she put her hand on her head and winced. “Ow, what is that burning pain?” She asked. “Well in our case we call it a migraine.” I chuckled and smirked at her. She rolled her eyes and folded her hands in her lap. She looked so cute, so innocent. “So, who are you? Like, to me?” She asked, cocking her head to the side like a small child.


I debated in my head whether saying I was her boyfriend, but then Jackson took over. “I’m your boyfriend.” He growled out. She looked a bit shocked, then looked at me skeptically. “I want proof.” She said, uncrossing her legs and walking over to me. I froze, then got an idea. I walked closer to her, grabbed her waist, and planted my lips on hers before she could object. She gasped, but started to kiss me back. I wrapped both arms around her waist. The mate bond was strong right now, so it felt natural for her to be kissing me, to her and me.


She weaved her fingers into my hair and pulled a little, letting a moan come from me. I ran my tongue along her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She grated quickly, and I let my tongue room her mouth. I backed her up against the wall and pulled my shirt off. Her hands roamed down my chest, tracing my abs.


The door opened and a startled squeak come from it. I looked over and saw Riley, the packs partier. She slowly walked out and closed the door, Delilah started to giggle a little bit nervously and I looked at her. She yawned and I figured she was tired. “Hey, do you wanna sleep, you seem to be tired.” I asked.


She nodded her head and I took her off the wall and put her down on the bed. We just sat there and I was right next to her until she fell asleep. Someone knocked on the door and I said to hold on in a whisper voice. I kissed Del’s forehead and put my shirt back on. I opened the door and found it was Christian. “Hey dude, whats up?” I asked. Christian is Riley’s boyfriend.


He was the alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, and so thats what got us to be friends in the first place. We walked out of Delilah’s room and we went outside. I saw that Alicia, Jacob, Adam, Amy, the pups, Krystall, Derek, Lily, Ryan, and Krystall’s sister Ricky.


“What is everyone doing here?” I asked. Each of them had different reasons but in some way there was one name that always came up, thats how all of their stories were connected. How they all found their way here. Tyler.

“Dusty!” I heard a shout from the door. I turned and saw my father there, when his beard that reaching past his knees, and his huge rainbow afro wig. He had his big glasses on, along with a ‘Believe in Christ’ shirt, and a leather jacket.


“D-Dad! What the heck are you doing here!?” I screamed at him. He smiled and skipped over to me, pulling me in his arms. I tried to push him off and succeeded. “Oh Dusty! I just came to give my coochie pop a hug and kissy wishy!” He exclaimed.


Before I could even register what was happening, he grabbed my face and smashed his lips against mine. “Dad! Get the hell off me!!” I screamed. I pushed him off and he stumbled out the door, still smiling. I sighed, and turned back towards the group, they were all standing there gawking. I laughed nervously and cleared my throat.


I was glad I was wearing thick jeans, because I had a little accident from my makeout session with Delilah earlier. This was going to take forever to get rid of it...

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