Hey There, Dililah

Delilah is your normal girl. One day while going to her her after work, she sees a boy in her back seat. What happens next? Find out in Hey There Delilah!


1. Chapter 1

Delilahs POV


I walked down the alleyway towards my car. My heartbeat in my chest as I looked around the dark, deserted streets. I jumped as a trash can fell over and a cat scrambled out of it, hissing at me before running away.


I started to run to my car, putting the key in the key hole thingy that unlocks the door. I got in as quickly as I could, shutting the door behind me. I locked them again, and started the car. I sighed as I drove out of the space I was parked and headed home. I adjusted the rear view mirror to look out the back window, and my breath caught in my throat.


I couldn't breathe, couldn't even make a noise. There was a boy in my back seat, around my age, maybe 23 at the most. I gasped out a scream like noise and slammed on the brakes, the car spinning at the sudden movement. The front crashed into a brick wall, my head banging against the steering wheel. I groaned as I started seeing black spots cover my vision, and closed my eyes. I heard a howl, almost like a dogs, then I lost all consciousness.




I heard a beeping sound when I started to come back to the real world. I was still a bit out of it though, and I couldn't move at all. I started to hear male voices in the distance, then a door opening, and I could actually make out the things they were saying.


“So how long is she gonna be out?” The deeper voice asked, “I don't know, the doctor said she could wake up at any time… Thats why I haven't left the pack hospital. I can’t leave her dude… Jackson won't allow it.”  The other man sighed, “I just… I don’t know what I would do without her… I don’t want to lose her. I just got her Adam…” I heard the deep voice guy sigh.


“Look man, you know if I could I would stay, but Amy said the pups are acting up again and she needs my help. Call if anything happens ok?” He patted his shoulder, ”She’ll wake up soon, I promise.” I heard footsteps go out the door, then it shutting. Cold hands grabbed my own and I felt a few wet drops landed on it.


“Del, please… Wake up soon. I-Im sorry I kidnapped you… It was my w o- I, er… Oh whatever you probably can't hear me anyway.” He sighed… “Just in case, I’m Dustin Harper, and I’m, well, your mate.”


Mate? I thought. What the heck is a mate? I felt him take a sharp intake of breath and I felt pressure on my lips. HE’S KISSING ME! I screamed in my head. Oddly I didn’t want him to stop, I wanted to kiss him back. I tried to move, and I felt my finger twitch. He froze, and his lips left mine.


“Del? Delilah? Can you hear me?” He asked hopefully. I opened my eyes to be met with a blinding light, then I squeezed them shut again. I groaned and opened my eyes again, letting them adjust to the light. When everything finally came into focus, there was a boy, sitting next to me in a chair by the hospital bed I was lying in.


He had shaggy black hair and was pretty fit, his grey eyes contrasting with the white room. He has a pair of grey sweat pants on, with a worn out black T-shirt. “Delilah?” He whispered, smiling. I looked at his face, trying to recognize him. I didn’t know who Delilah was, or who he was to her.


I will admit, he was pretty hot, but I had no idea who he was  whats-so-ever. “W-who the heck are you?” I stuttered. A look of realisation crossed his face, and he jumped out of the hospital chair and bolted out the door. I sat there in the bed, baffled. Why did he just run out like that? Who was he? Where was I?


I looked around the room again, studying it. There was a table in front of the bed, and the walls were a light grey, but not hospital white.  It was a small room, almost like a normal bedroom, and there was one window  on the other side of the room, by the door. I looked down at my legs and moved them, making sure that they worked.


I sat up and planted my feet on the ground, holding on the the side of the bed to steady myself. My legs were a little out of it since I’ve been laying in that bed who knows how long, but I can tell its been awhile. I slowly walk towards it and look out, only to be met by woods.


I gasp when I realise that this is not a hospital, this is a persons house.  


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