Turning point [Epic Poeticness Poetry Competition entry]

'Giving up something you love' - This is more of a statement to myself than a poem, but enjoy anyway :)


1. Turning point


I give up!

I can't do it anymore!

This is the last time I shrug someone off.

I refuse to be the person

That I was before.

The person who cared so little,

Who denied himself joy,

Who hated wherever possible,

And only valued a failed dream.


I give up!

You can take it all!

The lies, the pain, the dark,

It's all yours!

This is the last time

I tell myself that it's all pointless.

I know that it's not,

But I revelled in finding new ways 

To deceive my mind,

Into believing it was twisted.

I loved the taste of distrust,

The flavour of fear,

But I know how to stop.


I give up!

That is not me anymore!

I hated myself for it,

But loved hating myself more.

But this is the end.

This is the last time

I stay out of my own conversation.

I will not be the owner of that cold heart.

I refuse!

Because I am ready now,

To let my alter ego,

Become my whole life.

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