Till death do us part

A boy, sat in the police department, reveals his story to police about his loss


6. Third wheel requests

I couldn't believe what I'd heard when I got back into school. They'd been going out for TWO days. And they were already going on their first date. It was insanity. Madness. But not as mad as them inviting me along. Yeah. Me. Why would it be necessary? "We just want your company" Pete said as we walked to English class together. Reluctantly I agreed, but I had to ask. "Where are we going?" I questioned. "Oh you'll see" he smirked. And then I started to get suspicious of him. I shrugged that feeling off though. I wish I hadn't.

After English, I saw her, Eliza, in the corridor and sped up to catch her, because I needed to ask her. I needed to know where the date was taking place. "Hey Eliza." I said when I'd caught up. "Hey, what's up?" She asked, her soothing voice causing me to forget my worries, but not my question. The perfect blend of happiness and excitement, with a tiny trace of doubt, not that noticeable, but always there. "Pete asked me to come along to your date, and I was just wondering if you knew where you're going"

"Oh, I don't know, I just know we are going somewhere. I'm thinking it's a really big surprise that he doesn't want to ruin. But I'm not sure." There was the questioning look in her eyes again. 

"I just wanted to know because he seemed very mysterious about it."

"Oh, he probably just thinks you'll come tell me. Don't worry, I'm sure it's going to be fine" 

"Ok thank you Eliza!" 

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