Till death do us part

A boy, sat in the police department, reveals his story to police about his loss


7. Their first date

So I met them, or should I say her, at approximately 6 pm that night, still wondering what was happening. She seemed to be wondering the same thing, I could tell by her eyes, instead of their normal inquisitiveness, they were confused. Eliza was actually confused, for the first time in all the time I'd known her. "Hey Eliza" I called, and she seemed to look at me, without really seeing. Something was definitely wrong. "What's wrong, where's Pete?" I asked.

"I, I don't know. He hasn't returned any of my texts, he's missed all of my calls. I don't know what's happened." 

Eliza spoke with fear in her voice, like she'd seen a ghost. Maybe she was right to feel fear. Maybe I should have felt it too. "Let's keep walking, he might be looking for us" I reassured her, not feeling too sure myself.

So we walked down alleys and just talked, and I felt myself falling even harder for her. It was weird to feel this, because I'd never felt it before. As the moonlight shone off her perfectly pale skin, I saw the person behind the strong mask she always put on. The person who feared for her loved ones' safety.

We continued walking and after a while she spoke.

"I'm really glad you came tonight, you're really sweet and kind. You're everything I like in a guy, and I'm actually glad Pete didn't turn up"

"Why's that then?"

"I got to spend more time with you. I've been watching you while sat with Pete, and you look like so much more fun than him. I've also been developing more feelings for you and well, I really do like you" she told me, her voice gentle and quiet.

"Well, I..." I stammered nervously, willing my brain to co operate with my mouth. "I... I think you're really"

And then Pete turned the corner.

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