Till death do us part

A boy, sat in the police department, reveals his story to police about his loss


2. Her

Ever get that feeling when you're with a person, where you just feel happy, and more than when you're with your friends? Yeah, that's what happened to me. I was just sat with her, still not knowing her name. She had the most beautiful eyes, always inquisitive, and at the same time, excited. Whenever she thought something, something that made her happy, those emerald green eyes sparkled like diamonds. Her oak brown hair was always wavy, apart from the one blonde curl that always stuck out of place, at the front of her fringe, which was swept to the side like a gust of wind had blown it that way.she looked windswept, always flawless and beautiful without makeup.

She had such a high IQ that it could challenge Einstein, and was always trying to hide that intelligence, as if it was a major flaw. But I get why she did it. Other guys aren't impressed by smarts. Just looks. I sat next to her in English, and sometimes asked if I could read through her work (we were doing poems) for inspiration. She had these beautiful poems about wonders like snowy days, warm summers, beautiful autumns, but she never read these out. In fear of looking smart.

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