Harry's Winter Girlfriend. (Harry Styles)

On Christmas Eve, one girls night is changed forever. Her parents have been sent to prison over a shopping riot and she is sent on her travels to London to stay with her grandparents. However, young Bella finds herself stranded in a strange village, Holmes Chapel, when her train breaks down due to heavy snow. From that moment on, she meets six awfully loud school girls, a man dressed in tin foil and a love sick bakery boy who helps her get back on her feet, along with a little holiday romance.

(inspired by The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson, in the book Let It Snow.)


1. one.

~It was the night before Christmas...

Well, to be more precise it was the evening before Christmas, but whatever. That's when I got the news that my parents had been arrested and put in a cell. Before you go judging me, no, my parents are not murders, or shop lifters or insane creepy paedophiles. No, my parents are shoppers. Yes, they were out shopping and got arrested.
See, my parents are just... freaking weird. They're obsessed with a small collection of books. I know what you're thinking, 'having a collection of books isn't too bad, what's the big deal?' but you don't know the half of it. These 'books', called "Bella's Wishing Well", a popular book in the 80's have been around for years. My parents started collecting them when they got together in their teenage years. They come with small figurines that symbolise an event in a characters life in the book, and every year at Christmas, a special book and a special, limited edition figurine comes out and the hard-core "Bella's Wishes', as they call themselves, go wild. They only stock about twenty of them on the shelves on Christmas Eve, and yes, my parents are in the few that go crazy.
And that's how they got arrested.
I'll start from the beginning, to make things easier. My name is Bella-Lee, Bella-Lee Stuart (Yes, my parents named me after the book, it makes me rather sad), I'm seventeen and live in Scotland. Although I've lived in Scotland for a few years, I do not have an accent, I don't have a Scottish one, anyway. I have a mildly Scottish, yet London accent. I used to live in London with my parents, before we moved up here because my parents thought me being more in the countryside would 'make me more appreciative of life'. Sucks, I know.
I don't have any siblings, or pets. That's why I found myself alone on Christmas Eve evening, making Chicken soup and buttering some bread. My parents had gone to their annual Christmas Eve Bella's Figurines shop raid and I was left alone for an hour or two whilst they tried to grab not one, but as many of the books as they could. They liked to have doubles, just in case.
I stirred my soup and watched as it boiled. The steam hit my face, warming me up slightly. I was only dressed in a tight, black, sparkly dress and black tights and a pair of flat, black converse. As soon as my parents were home I was meant to be going to my boyfriends house. Marcus, my boyfriend, and his family have an annual Christmas Eve party every single year, and I'm always invited.
I had known Marcus for most of my teenage life, really. We met in year seven, the first year of high school, and have been friends since. I'm not sure if he was being made to though, because Marcus was extremely popular. He had amazing hair, gorgeous teeth and a tall build, like the boys you see in the movies, really. I always wondered every year when I got the phone call "Hey, Lee, you coming to the party this Christmas Eve?" if his parents ever made him invite me because they felt sorry for me.  I didn't really have many friends, so I was never invited to things like that.
But two years ago at the annual Christmas Eve Bash, Marcus' mother sent us both upstairs with presents the neighbours had brought round. We put them in his mums room, under her bed. And before I knew it, we were making out... on her bed. It sounds wrong but at that moment it felt so, so right and we've been inseparable ever since. So Christmas Eve is our anniversary, so this party would make our three years together, and it was going to be perfect.
A harsh knock on the front door dragged me out of my Marcus dream and back into the real world, and in the real world, my soup was burning. I grabbed a tea towel to wrap around the handle of the pan and poured my soup into a bowl.
I rushed to the front door and opened it to find two large, scary looking police officers staring down at me. "Bella?" One spoke as he looked at a notepad. "Bella-Lee Stuart?" I nodded and opened the door wider, inviting them in.
I didn't know what to do. I'd never been alone with house guests before, let alone police officers. Do I offer them a cup of tea? A blanket? Some of my soup?
They followed me into the living room and spoke straight away. "Miss Stuart, your parents have been arrested" and there was the bomshell.

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