Summer Lovin'

Kris is a punk, goth girl who lives in Arizona along with her mother. Her life right now is a disaster, even though she would never admit it. She has no friends, no boyfriend, and everyone thinks she's completely insane. Even her own mother is worried about her. Maybe what Kris needs is a brand new start, half way across the world, with some brand new friends to help her along the way.


2. The Change

     After one last look in the mirror, I walked downstairs to face my parents once again.

    When I reached the front door, I only stopped for a second to grab me keys from the hook  by the front door. I opened the door, but my mom's voice stopped me.

     "Honey, where are you going?" she called from the kitchen.

     I sighed, then replied, "I'm getting more school supplies."

     At first there was just whispering, no reply. Then my mom shouted back, "Okay. Be back by 6 for dinner."

     I slammed the door and walked to my orange Jeep Rubicon. I drove 15 minutes to CVS and parked my car. People stared at me, but that was usual. I did have a lot of piercings. Usually, I would smile and flip them off. But this time I just smiled and walked into the store.

    Walking towards the hair products, I grabbed a color called honey blonde, then walked over to the cosmetic. I cringed as I picked up bronzer, tan foundation, natural colored eye shadow, and lip gloss.

     As I sat the products down on the counter, the clerk smiled at me, "Going for a new look?" she asked. I shook my head nervously as she scanned the items. No one could see me buying these things.

     I paid and then walked out to the parking lot. As I was walking to the car, I saw the school bitch, Cassidy.

     "Buying more condoms slut?" she laughed.

     I smiled back at her, "Not today, it's that time of the month. Tell Jason I'll be ready next week."

     She laughed nervously as I walked to my car.

     When I got in the car, in my mirror I saw Cassidy calling Jason, her boyfriend. I laughed and sped out of the parking lot towards my house

     When I arrived home, my mom and dad were still in the kitchen, talking about who knows what. I rolled my eyes at them because they were the reason for this stupid makeover.

     I threw my stuff on the bed and grabbed the honey hair dye. I walked to my bathroom. I knew how to dye my hair, I've had plenty of experience, so it only took me 30 minutes to complete the process.

     After drying my naturally straight hair, I looked in the mirror at my piercings. There was at least $300 on my face.

     Sighing, I took out my nose, Monroe, snakebites, ear piercings, and industrial piercings. I couldn't believe I was doing this for my dad, out of all people.

    After that was my least favorite part: make up. I almost cried after I put on tan foundation, bronzer, golden eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss.

     I looked in the mirror hanging on my wall. My new hair and make up didn't go too well with my all black outfit. In the corner of my room, I spotted bags from Hollister, that fag store, that my mom tried to get me to wear. I immediately dug threw the bags, pulling out jean shorts that were a little too short and a blue v neck that said "Hollister 1922" in cursive on the front. Finally, I slipped on my blue Old Navy flip flops.

     With my flip flops clanking behind me, I ran down the stairs, actually excited to show off my new look. When I barged into the kitchen, my parents looked at me, startled.

     "Oh Krisslyn..." she said as her eyes swelled up with tears. "You look beautiful."

     And then she hugged me, for the first time in three years.

 copyright splashley

Author's Note

More surprises to come in the next chapter!! I'll update again tonight. Keep liking, commenting, etc to keep me motivated!

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