Summer Lovin'

****THIS IS A STORY I WAS WRITING ON ONEDIRECTIONFANFICTION.COM BUT THAT SITE IS GLITCHY AND DOESN'T SAVE WORK SO I TRANFERRED IT TO HERE OK**** Kris is a punk, goth girl who lives in Arizona along with her mother. Her life right now is a disaster, even though she would never admit it. She has no friends, no boyfriend, and everyone thinks she's completely insane. Even her own mother is worried about her. Maybe what Kris needs is a brand new start, half way across the world, with some brand new friends to help her along the way.


3. Lola

*Just telling you now this is a short chapter*

Saturday Morning

     After packing the last cup from our cabinets, my mother looked around our bare kitchen.

     "That's it," she said. My mom looked at me and smiled, something she never used to do. Now it seems like that's all she does. "Are all your bags in the car?" she asked.

     "Yes, mom," I replied.

     She smiled, once again. "Let's get in the car, then. Your father doesn't want us to be late."

     "Well he was late for 10 of my birthdays," I sneered back at her.

     "Krisslyn, please be nice on this flight. At least act happy. Your father is risking a lot by bringing us back," my mom said.

     I snorted and walked to the car.

     We drove in silence to the airport, which was fine by me. My mom kept sneaking glances at me, something she only does when she has to tell me something.

     I turned towards her. "What."

     She glanced at me, then focused back on the road. "What?" she asked.

     I blew out a long breath. "You keep looking at me, which is something you do when you have to tell me something. So, what?"

    She sighed, but didn't look at me. "You have a sister."

     I looked at her and gave her a death stare. I wanted to kill her. "What do you mean 'a sister'? Like did dad have a baby with someone else?"

     My mom cringed at these words, but continued to look straight ahead. We could see the airport from here. "No. You have a twin sister named Lola that lives with your dad in England."

     I looked at her in disbelief. "Is this the same Lola that you told me moved away? You told me I only thought she lived with us because she stayed all the time."

     "Yep," she replied. Short and sweet. She parked the car at the airport and got out.

     I was furious. I didn't even grab my bags. I just walked over to a bench and sat down.

     About two hours later, my flight was called. And if my ticket for England didn't cost over $1,000, I probably wouldn't have gone.

copyright splashley

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