Summer Lovin'

Kris is a punk, goth girl who lives in Arizona along with her mother. Her life right now is a disaster, even though she would never admit it. She has no friends, no boyfriend, and everyone thinks she's completely insane. Even her own mother is worried about her. Maybe what Kris needs is a brand new start, half way across the world, with some brand new friends to help her along the way.



     I woke up to my blaring alarm. Sighing, I turned it off and looked out the window. The sun hadn't risen yet, causing my baby blue room to look black.

     I got up and clumsily walked to my bathroom. I could get used to this.

     My bathroom was brown, with even darker brown tile. The shower had a sliding glass door with brown skinny tile from ceiling to floor. There was a large white sink when you first walked in, and a toilet next to it. There was a small door, which I later found out was a laundry shoot, across from the toilet.

     I turned on the shower and jumped in.

     After getting my shower, I put on the uniform Lola let me have. Our school was a private catholic school. The outfit consisted of a white button up shirt with CCHS written in cursive on my left boob, a gray knee-length skirt, tall maroon socks, and tan Sperrys. 

     After doing all my make up and curling my hair, I looked at the mirror, admiring how pretty I looked.

     I smiled as Lola walked in. "We leave in 10," she said, not looking up from her phone. Ignoring her rudeness, I asked, "Do I look okay?" 

     She glanced up from her phone and laughed. "You look like the virgin Mary. Undo a few of your buttons and roll your skirt up. Boys will eat you up," she said, walking out of my room. She called back, "Let's leave now so I can show you to your first class."

     I didn't reply, I just grabbed my things and followed her downstairs.

     We pulled around a big brick building and parked her BMW.

     "Just find me at lunch, okay? And don't be weird. Daddy told me how you used to be. I don't take kindly to emo freaks, and neither to my friends," Lola scolded me as she got out of her car. I sat still, shocked that my sister would say something like that to me. "Get out of the car, Kris. We're going to be late."

     After I got my schedule, she showed me to my first class, pre-calculus. "Bye, Kris. I gotta get to class. See you at lunch!" Lola exclaimed, leaving me at the door of room 312.

     I walked in and sat towards the back. The next kid that walked in had blonde flippy hair and bright blue eyes. "Hi," he said, "I'm Niall." And you're gorgeous, I thought. "I'm Krisslyn, but most people call me Kris," I replied. "American, I'm assuming?" he asked. "Irish, I'm assuming?" I snapped back. "Right," he chuckled, "You're new, right? Lola's twin sister?" "Oh my god," I stressed, "How many people know I'm that bitch's sister?" He laughed and finally sat down in front of me. "Just me, the boys, Lola, and her friends," he said, "We all sit at lunch together." "Oh," I sighed, "I thought you were cool for a second."

     Before he could reply, the boy who waved at me last night sat down next to me. "Hey, mate," he said to Niall, slapping him on the back. Then he turned to me, "And who might this lovely lady be?" Oh my god. He was even hotter up close.

     "Hi..." I stammered, "I'm Kris. Lola's twin." He laughed, "No shit? I'm Louis, Lola's best friend."

     Before I could reply, everyone was seated and class had begun. 

     I had three more classes before lunch, which went by quickly. They were Art, English, and Chemistry. Louis was in all of my classes but two, and Niall was in three of my classes. 

     At lunch, Louis directed to me to our table, which was by huge windows. Three other boys were sitting there, and two girls.

     "Kris, this is Zayn," Louis said, pointing to an extremely sexy guy with black gelled hair and dark eyes. He smirked at me and waved with a flick of his hand. 

     "This is Harry," he said, pointing to a guy with curly brown hair and green mesmerizing eyes. He nodded at me.

     "This is Liam," he continued, pointing to another guy with brown hair, except his was shorter and straight. He smiled a goofy smile at me.

      "Hi," I replied shyly.

     "This is Mikayla," Louis said, gesturing to a girl with brown curly hair and warm eyes. She smiled at me with perfectly straight teeth, "Hello," she said.

     "And this is Melissa," Louis said, pointing to a girl with bright red hair that was straightened to perfection. She had really dark eyeliner on that made her eyes stand out. "Hi" Melissa said, "I'm Liam's girlfriend."

     "Hi," I said to both of them.

     A girl with wavy black hair sat down across from me. She had a diamond stud in her nose and really long eyelashes. "Hi, I'm Zoey. Zayn's my boyfriend. Don't touch him and we'll get along just fine."
    "Okay.." I said, giving her a strange look.

     I sat down between Zayn and Louis, eating my food quietly.

    "Are you guys going to Zayn's end of year party?" Louis asked, elbowing Zayn slightly with a smirk.

     Liam said, "We're all his best friends, why wouldn't we go?"

     Louis shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe someone is going on vacation or something."

     Zayn replied this time, "Dude, we all go on vacation together."
     Louis smiled at me and said, "I'm just wondering if this pretty lady will be there."

     I blushed a light pink and looked down at my lap. "Um I didn't know I was invited.." I said.

     "Are you serious? Any friend of Louis can come to my party. You don't really need an invitation. I usually don't hand them out," Zayn explained.

     "Actually, mate," Louis said, "Kris is Lola's sister. They were separated at birth or something."

     "Well then you can for sure come," Zayn said, putting his hand under my chin and lifting it up, so that I was looking at him.

      "Okay," I said, jerking away. I didn't need a fight on my first day, especially not with Zoey. "Thanks for the invite."

     Before Zayn could do another stupid thing, Lola sat down on the other side of Niall. She looked stressed, really stressed.

     Harry asked her what was wrong, but she brushed him off like a leaf. The only person she talked to was Niall, and they did that by whispering.

     "Is this normal?" I whispered to Louis, who was devouring a Subway Footlong.

     He whispered back with his mouth full, "Yeah. She's never happy at lunch because she has a pervy teacher for Zoology right before this. Just let it go, she'll be fine by the end of the day."

     The rest of lunch was great. Everyone was really nice to me. Almost too nice.

      Next I had London history, then Gym, and then Spanish. I had all of these classes with Louis. He made it so hard to concentrate on the teachers that I'm positive I didn't learn anything on my first day of CCHS.

     The rest of the week went by quickly, with new classes and school and helping unpack at home. Lola didn't mention her pervy teacher once.

     It was Friday, and I was sitting in Spanish class with Lola and Louis.

     Lola whispered to me, "You were invited to Zayn's bash, right?"

     "Yeah," I whispered back, "But I don't have anything to wear to it."

      She sighed, "Well you're not borrowing my clothes. Shopping trip after school? Oh and you aren't allowed to buy anything black. Not even black panties."

      I smacked her playfully on the hand, motioning to Louis. She rolled her eyes and went back to studying for whatever AP classes she had exams in.

     Finally the bell rang. Lola and I walked to her BMW and hopped in. She drove out of the parking lot towards the mall. We got out of the car and walked around a bit. I didn't recognize any of the stores, because they were all British. Lola took me to a store that looked very classy, which was weird because we were going to a high school party not the Grammys.

     "Why are we in a store like this? Shouldn't we be looking for short tight dresses?" I asked, eyeing all the ball gowns.

     Lola laughed and replied, "I guess Zayn didn't tell you. At his parties, you always have to dress classy. You know, gents in tuxedos and us in long ball gowns. It's a fetish he has."

     "Oh," I replied, kind of disappointed. I was hoping to grind with Louis.

     This got another laugh out of Lola. "Don't be too disappointed. We still do drinking and grinding and all that. We just do it while looking classy. Now pick out a ball gown! We need at least three hours to get ready if I'm doing your hair," she said, picking out a long, strapless red dress that was fitted to her body, with a slit on the right leg.

     After what felt like forever, I picked out a strapless blue ombre dress that was also fitted, but mine had gems all over my boobs.

     "Finally!" Lola exclaimed, "Good choice. Blue always looks good on blondes." I smiled, proud of my fashion sense. "Give me your dress so I can pay for it," she said.

     "I'm not letting you pay for my dress," I said.

     "Please. Like you have enough money to buy that dress. I have a debit card that my dad puts money on monthly. Just give me the dress so we can leave!" she yelled, holding out her hand.

      I gave her a pouty look, but I handed her my dress anyways.

     After she paid, we drove home in silence. I was kind of pissed that she called me poor in front of that whole store. Lola didn't seem to mind, though. She looked too happy to even listen to my thoughts.

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