"We fall down in the dumps and feel pity for ourselves, we never seem to see a bright side. Only a special few do. And we need to realize there's more to the picture."

This is a story of a person an anonymous never existing person but they realized they always existed and can only exists if they want too.

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1. chapter one

Am I going to die? Am I going to die a boring death? Or am I going to suffer? Is this life all trick? A beautiful misery? Is the pain worth it? Is love real? Or just a real joke? What will be a reaction if I died or if I disappeared? Is God real? Or just a fake belief in an imaginary being to reassure us? What's the point of asking?

October 12, 2011


I am going to die anyway... I am going to die slowly and painfully. I am going to die never living my life; never being loved by "my other half" and never experience heart break. Beautiful misery? No, just a scribble of a painting. A speck on a portrait, an unimportant speck. No God would do this to a person, make us suffer. Unless it's just a game?

December 2, 2014


But I know I did something; I know I will die and I will suffer. I will live too and it will be beautiful and so very miserable. So, yes, it's worth it. If I died today, someone would care because I am love and I did love. God, gives us will and hope, he is mysterious. So there is no point in asking; that is a waste of time because he has a path for each of us. Take it.

January 10, 2015


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