17 black

The thought he made me believe in love is crazy. I fell for a psycho— a beautiful psycho. His emerald blue eyes, and fluffy brunette hair. The way he talked, the way he could put a smile on my face. But eventually reality hit—Hayes isn't who I thought he was. He had the world in his hands. He could easily dispose of it. He could kill with one word. I had moved from California to Texas hoping to escape hell; not find another one.


2. Prologue

(This AU is not real, meaning Hayes, and I, are not 14.)




'No matter what, I will always be here.'


That's what they say. They think your knight in shining armor is just going to come in and make you feel perfect. Well that's not reality, baby.  I could sit here and tell you a sob story but would that really help you? Would that prove everyone wrong about love? I don't think so. Now here is a real story; not full of romance, just reality.


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