17 black

The thought he made me believe in love is crazy. I fell for a psycho— a beautiful psycho. His emerald blue eyes, and fluffy brunette hair. The way he talked, the way he could put a smile on my face. But eventually reality hit—Hayes isn't who I thought he was. He had the world in his hands. He could easily dispose of it. He could kill with one word. I had moved from California to Texas hoping to escape hell; not find another one.


3. Chapter One

Chapter one


The darkened room couldn't seem any smaller than it already is. I flip the lightswitch, the tiny apartment now glowing. The space is horrendous. Nothing more than three feet away. Boxes lay scattered around, dishes already built up, and a cubby full of dirty clothes. By the look of things you could possibly think, 'this girl has been living here for a while.'


No. Moving into this dump about a week ago. I knew the apartment would be crap, but I hadn't expected it to be like this. The dark walls caving in, and a hole covered by a horrendous painting. The scent of lilac settles me—my love of candles has stuck with me; thankfully.


If only apartments in Texas looked like the ones in LA. I left California for adventure, to do something with my life. Having rich parents, I would get anything I wanted. Still not reality. I knew if I stayed there I wouldn't get any education, nor a future. My mind scatters to the horrible night I left my beloved family. Not wanting to think about it, I push the thought to the back of my mind.


"Madison, are you here?" I hear a questionable voice ask. Who could that be? I hop off the flat bed, scurrying to the door. Not knowing anyone in Texas I couldn't think of who this might be. Obviously someone who knows me— that I do not know of.


Opening the door I see the face; a scruff beard, nice brown eyes, and swift brown hair. "Who a-" I begin but am soon cut off. Faster than a tornado, he spits out, "Your landlord, sorry I couldn't introduce myself the other day. But here I am, how do you like the room?"

A sigh of relief washes over me, wrapping my head around the man. "Yes, I love it!" Lying through my perfectly white teeth.


"Sorry I didn't catch your name?" A fake smile, and a fake attitude sent his way.


"Cameron Dallas" Still fast talking me.


"Well Cameron I will see you around, yeah?" He nods, walking away in his formal suit. I slam the door behind me rolling my hazel  eyes in the process.


The night goes by. Light turns to dark. Voices silence.

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