She's a wild child. Her friends all follow her lead, including her brother. Alexandria is 16 years old when he dies in a car accident. Now, Alexandria is broken and can't stand to have anything in her life again. No drugs, no booze, no fun. Nothing. How could she anyway? He's dead - it was all her fault. This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. Text and illustration copyright © A_Books_Magic_Moment 2015 Her right to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author.


1. First Night

The club was pounding. Lights flashed, all the colours of every spectrum and just a little bit more. Clink, clink, the bangles hit each other with the shallow metallic sound as she pumped her hand in the air; in time to the driving baseline. The sweaty bodies around her only became more enthralled in the intense atmosphere. "Drinks!" Her friend shouted. She whooped along with the man standing next to her. Her brother. They grabbed the glowing liquid and chucked it down their throats.

It burned with intense fire in their bellies. Driving their insanity further, her girl friend climbed onto her brother's shoulders. Their limbs entangled, he spun her atop his shoulders, the bright lights flashing through them. What was in that drink? She thought as her eyes blurred. Somehow though; she couldn't stop laughing. "Best buzz ever!" She screamed. The shrill words filled the clamourous and crazy club. The mirth, escaping from her lips, made her annoyingly giddy. She couldn't help it one bit in the slightest.

"Oi! Watch where you're dancing, left feet." A guy snapped at her as she bumped into his girlfriend. The girlfriend's eyes looked completely horrified. Abuser, the crazy dancing girl thought as the guy snapped at her again. "I'm talking to you, you little brat!"

"Excuse me sir, is there are problem?" Her brother stepped in, always protective no matter how much trouble he got in too... Weighing up this new acquaintance, the guy snapped at them again, this time the ferocity of a dog's growl in his voice.

His girlfriend flinched, "shove off, ya idiot!" When her brother didn't move, the guy punched him right in the nose. Parting the crowd, a bouncer came along. His dark suit barely lighting up in the flashing lights of the club. What did spark in the illuminated scene, however, were those rings on his meaty fingers. Oh great, she though as he brother pushed the guy into the crowd.

Soon after, both of the drunk males were out on the cold concrete. "That was your bloody fault, mate." That rough man next to her brother accused, wiping off the rainwater from his clothes. Turning to him, her brother frowned and opened his mouth, the man staring at him, as if to say: 'you really want to?'

Touching her brother's arm lightly, she looked up into those same eyes of green. "We should go," she whispered as she glanced once more at the huffing guy just a few feet away. Her brother glanced to him as well; knowing full well what he was thinking. "No." She stated firmly. This was not the time or place to go beating someone up. Sighing, her brother followed her to the expensive looking car. Comfortable seats greeted them as they slid into the interior of the white vehicle. Hardly even having shut the door, her brother slammed his foot down onto the accelerator.

The street lights left their glow in streaks as the two raced off into the night. "You should have let me hit him - just once," her brother flicked his eyes in her direction, he always had a fight to pick. Whether it was with someone better, younger, poorer or smarter than him - he always did. It was her brother's biggest fault and she truly dreaded it.

"Never," she merely said as she watched the night life rush by. Why couldn't the world stay like this? Where everything was loud and quiet at once, where everything was alive and dead and the people were all who they truly were - not hiding behind some half-transparent mask. Such liars, all of them. "We should have let Jeffrey drive us..." She thought aloud as she recalled how many drinks her brother had had.

He scoffed at the idea. "First I can't punch the man who treats you in a rude manner - now I can't bloody well drive!" Her brother exclaimed passionately. Noticing him scrunching up his eyes, she became paranoid again.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo, a car horn sounded as it came the opposite way. They had swerved severely to the right; causing a disruption in the adjacent lane. "I'm serious!" She screamed - probably not the best idea, though. Her brother laughed at her paranoia. Such a joker, no wonder he had no friends.

"Ohhhh, stop telling me what to do like you're my mother or something!" He snapped a bit. Those drinks were getting to him now. Along with the pent up rage from that annoying imbecile at the club, her brother was becoming volatile and dangerous.

"I am older than you. And mum would be annoyed, too, if she were in this car as well, y'know!" Hunching down into the seat, she crossed her arms and continued to the state out the window. The lights were flashing. Faster now she was sure. What had been in those drinks?

Her brother's hands were white as they grubbed the wheel. The black leather underneath was deeply pressured down from his force. Most probably, he was being affected too. "You're only older by a few minutes sis, so don't get up on your high horse." She stayed quiet and sulking. Sighing, her brother shook his head and opened his mouth to speak: "just go to sleep sis, we'll be home soon." And with that, she closed her eyes and let darkness wash over her.

Lulling her to sleep with empty safeness.


Blood was sticking her face to the tarmac. Dried discharge cracked as she forced her eyes open to the scene of horror before her. A turned over car? It was a white car. The left headlight was flicking on and off. There was a small fire burning where the petrol tank was. The grass was sodden with the fossil fuel as it poured out like a flowing river.

What is happening? Why am I here? Her head felt all groggy and slow. Getting a hand underneath her, she slowly pushed herself up. From her new perspective she saw something she hadn't before: a body. It was a male corpse. Sandy blonde hair and green eyes. She knew those eyes like the back of her hand. They were her eyes.

Who had my eyes? There was someone who shared them with her. Taking in the picture before her, she felt the sweet metallic red substance drip to the ground. Glass was sprayed around the body's head like petals in the autumn after strong winds. Ruby liquid seeped under them. Shining up onto his face, it casted a pink pattern over his familiar features.


It snapped. She felt a scream coming up from her lungs. But it wouldn't come out. The blood loss was making her faint. No, not yet. They were supposed leave together. She knew that much. Knew they had said so. Though..... What is his name? She couldn't remember his name!

A hiccup escaped her lips. Tears soon blended with the thicker substance of blood. Shuddering out, the breaths came more rapid. She was panicking. Not from his dead body. Not from she having stayed when he had left. It was from not remembering his name! What is it?

This time she screamed. She screamed and cried and shouted to the heavens to take her. People were soon rushing over to the crash site. They were whispering and shouting as well. They were horrified as she were upset. Why would they do this? Why gawk and stare at me and my brother when we are clearly in pain? What was his name?

She tried to figure out as she came into contact with the cold ground.

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