Boy oh boy

This book is all about a girl who loves a boy but they don't talk and she wonders if he likes her back and try's to talk to him but she never can so her friends try to help her but does it make it worse ?


1. love at first sight

My story starts on second day of my new school summer 2013 .........

Okay so I was on the field with my friends and they were all talking and i didn't find the convocation that interesting so I turn around to see what's happening on around me.

All I saw was a tall , brown hair but I thought he was older because of how tall he was.

So a few hours later after the last period I ask my friend Louise if she knows who he is

"Do you know a boy who has brown hair and is super tall ? "


"Really ?"

"Yeh his name is James"

"James what? "

"I don't that that's all I know I know it begins with a C if that helps?"

"Thank you Louise that's helps a lot"

I mean I know it's not a lot of information but at least I know his name right?

Anyway so it was the next day and i saw his face it was perfect P.E.R.F.E.C.T well to me anyway he had , brown eyes , and the best personality a girl could dream of.

Okay so what if he is one of the popular boys...... He is one of the nice ones not a flirt not a cheat a nice one , as we walked past each other we looked at each other I smirked and he smiled.

The strange thing is we had never spoke before

Anyway the next day at lunch I walked past him and this boy named Luke shouted out

"Poppy lov........"

I turned around and saw that James had his hand over Luke's mouth.James smiles but it was a embarrassed smile like 'oh my god why did he just say that' smile so I smiled back and Carried on walking

Until .........

Luke says


I thought it was going to be something about James but I wasn't I turn around and say




James asks

"How do you know her?"

Luke says

"She's in my class"

He says


And I just smile and say


And they both say


"Bye Sophia" said James

And I just smile and walk off

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