Dear Diary...


2. Chapter 1


   Dear Diary, 

Today is the first day of 10th grade. I can't wait to see me best friends again. We haven't seen each other sense the beginning of summer. Last year, All of us would have our own boyfriend if we weren't so geeky. But after all we were the best of friends. There were only 4 of us. Cheyenne (me), Mist, Hope, and Dezzi. All of us have strait A's.  

I am a emo type of person. NOT the type that cuts themselves. the other type like the black make-up and dress black and do all other stuff then cut. I am also Smart, i get all A's, and i am A weirdo (well thats what my friends say) And i sometimes can be kinda a pervert.


Mist is the most perverted one out of us. She is also emo like me. (AGAIN she does not cut). She is a computer wiz. She can hack in to anything possible, well unless she gets in trouble. She also get strait A's too. 


Hope is kinda the funny one, and the crazy one. She also is school smart. She is a little emo as well. ( she is a beginner). But she is not afraid to get in trouble. And she gets strait A's to.


Dezzi is the goth one by dressing all black. She kinda gets on people's nerves. She is the silent one towards other people. She is awesome at science. She get strait A's like the rest of us.

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