Crushed Dead

A women thinks she will be forever alone, but then meets someone online. She calls him her online crush. They wanna meet but things go to wrong. In a way kinda based on "The Neighbor"


2. Hurry Work

      At home the alarm was going off like crazy. Well I set it for earlier than I normally get up, well I thought I did. I finally got up to turn off the alarm clock went downstairs to get coffee. And was watching tv until the clocking dung. Then I noticed it dung 7 times. I was freaking out. I had to go to work at 8 an it was 7. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could got my clothes and dashed into the shower. Got in and out in 15 minutes so I had 30 to get ready because it took me like 10 minutes to get there and like 3 to clock-in. So I put on my make-up and had 10 minutes left. So I went into the kitchen finished my breakfast and got my coffee and keys, I locked up the house and got in the car and went to work.

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