Unpulled Strings

Obito hung his head in fear. He had done the only thing that was not tolerated, but was not punished... But must watch his steps now. What will happen? Who exactly is this stranger?


2. The first try.

            The sun broke through the large blinds of the tiny and confined room. Sounds pulsed through the walls and he laced his boots, sliding on his new cloak that was oddly white, Agger walked into the hall. The aroma of pancakes and syrup floated through the warm corridor. His blood still hot with anxiety and his nerves racked, Agger stepped down the hallway as he gently ran his fingers on the walls. Sunlight had blinded him, so he wrapped his eyes with linen until he adjusted to the light and began to make out figures. He had never liked morning light, but somehow, at the same moment, he loved it. He survived the first day and finally made his way into the well lit room where the others waited for him.

Kakuzu murmured. "Bout Damn time." 

Agger replied with a sleepy resent. "Not my fault that SOMEONE couldn't stop screaming every FIVE MINUTES!" 

       Tobi rubbed the back of his head as he sat. The light broke through the window and seemed to make Agger less irritable as he sat and basked in it. The moment Tobi spoke, Agger shoved a pancake in his eye and began eating.

"Shut up."

        Hidan scarf the food he had and continued for more as he walked across the bamboo floors, the beams creaking. He grabbed a large jug of syrup as he returned and continued his feast. After the group had eaten, Agger set out for training. He never known how to use chakra, only his weapons. But he was soon going to learn, he was more powerful than he thought as he headed into the Lightning desert.

"You, child. Are you the new member...?"

     Agger stepped to the side and turned towards a man with a large suit of armour painted blood red, his hair long and black with what seemed to be gel in it. His well made face seemed hollow, with piercing red eyes. 

Agger nodded. "Yeah, names Asura Kokomuri, but call me Agger."

The man crossed his arms. "I am Madara Uchiha. And I will be training you today... ready?"

Agger shook his head. "Don't know how to use chakra."

Madara frowned with frustration. "Tsk...tsk...tsk... then I'll show you."

     Madara channelled his chakra through his body into his teeth, with in a split second, a large inferno burst from his lips and seared the sands.

"You must channel your chakra. There are... five, I believe, main channels. But only four true elements. I can tell you can use both fire and wind. You have a flamboyant but subtle personality, that's how I knew. But anyway, to channel your chakra, you must focus on your energy and then release it. Try it yourself."

      Agger closed his eyes and let the darkness surround him as the chakra in his body stirred, building in his hands. The wind began changing direction and giving off significant amounts of heat. After several seconds, he release the energy in the his palms and shot it. The sand burned with intense heat as it swirled into a flaming tornado, glass slashing though the air as he pushed it forward.

"Fire and wind style: Hell winds!"

      Madara watched as the monster sized tornado touched down and ripped through the desert, destroying anything in its path for almost an hour. Agger collapsed from exhaustion and thirst and woke at noon. The sun beat on Agger, still  exhausted and thirsty. He stood as he began sweat heavily under his cloak, irritating his skin. Madara paced towards him, placing his hand on his shoulder.

"Your attacks aren't bad, child. But you have much to learn. Keep training with your weapon and chakra attacks. I have infused your weapons with flame retardant metals and strengthen them to withstand even the blades of the God, Cronos. Make use of that."

     Agger stood, gazing upon the desert. The expansive destruction intrigued him, only giving Madara an advantage to control him with. As they made their way back, they met up with Tobi and Deidara.

Tobi snickered. "Hey guys!"

Agger started to turn as he placed his hand in his head. "Oh god, not this guy!"

Madara stern as he spoke. "What do you need?"

Deidara sighed. "We're heading back, too. Hmph."

Tobi giggled. "Agger, you will pay for that pancake."

 Agger turned and menaced at Tobi. "Try it, and I will put oil on your skin, turn you orange like that dart board of a mask and then I will skin you and use you like a rug, got it?"

Tobi grunted. "Well, at least I'm not a weak li-"

Madara frowned. "Watch your tongue, you pathetic insect."

(Later that day)

         The air was warm as Agger entered the base, the windows seemed dull with a bit of slightly lonely feeling to them. His foot steps echoed and seemed to not end as he stepped heavily. Darkness filled the room of which he slept. The damp walls seemed looming, drowning what ever emotion even dared to appear as its hickory laced boards spilled a dark, drowning, dreadful feeling in the room. He lay on the bed, his head full of thoughts and his breast full of emotions. The moment he drifted away into his thoughts and feelings, he could not help but see his past errors. Even though he was not in the wrong.


        Pillars of smoke bellowed in the air as ashes danced with their small pattern less dances. Buildings turned to rubble as they crumble from a great force that devastated them. Figures barged through with their slow pace, destroying anything that stood in their path. Their cloaks a ivory white. Blotches of blood stain their cloaks as they continued their senseless slaughter.

The largest member spoke. "Find that child, bring him here!"

        The others vanished with a loud splatter of blood as the one whom given the order stood alone. His eyes cut the darkness under his hood with a dark blood red gaze. 

"We will hunt you down.... boy... Asura!"

(End flashback)

         Agger sighed as he sat up, the light burned through his window and brighten the damp room. He sat for several minutes as he thought to himself aloud.

"Why were they after me? Who were they? It seems I have much to discover as of why they hunted me. But if I do, I'll kill them for what they did! I will skin them slowly!"

         A knock echoed through his walls as he stood.

"You alive in there?"

    Agger opened the door and relaxed when he saw Obito.

"What'cha need?"

Obito pulled a list from his pocket. "I was going bounty hunting, do you want to join me?"

Standing silently as he nodded, he spoke. "Why not? Nothing better to do. Might be good practice."

(Several days later)

        Agger pressed his back close to the edge of a ravine as Obito clashed above with the bounty, a young girl name Fuu. Agger panted from exhaustion and gazed down as he slid back up the ravine, the water raging below him. He grabbed rock by rock, inch by inch, foot by foot, meter by meter. Soon he was near the upper land platform of the Samurai Bridge. As the two clashed above him, he devised how to take her down without killing her. The winds blew harshly as he slung himself above the cliff. 

"I'm back, bitch!"

     Fuu turned sharply, shattering Obito's thigh with her shoulder and rushed Agger, a foolish move. He turned and pivoted around her as she kicked thin air. Seconds passed, his hand clasped her throat as he used a none-lethal attack. Chakra surged though his arm and into Fuu's skull as he prepared his plan.

"Chakra arm: Lightning burst: four volt!"

       Fuu stiffened and convoluted upward as a sharp shock of electricity struck her. Her vision faded as she relaxed and slumped in his massive hand. Obito had somehow only popped his hip, when it should have broken. 
 Obito smiled. "Well done."

   Agger laughed. "I like her attitude, but her fighting style, It's too strange."   

He turned away. "Did you kill her?"

Agger shook his head. "No, I won't kill. Especially this one."

        A sharp breeze blew as the two headed eastward and began to recollect the stories of the hunt. Not only did Obito accomplish his mission, Agger had proven his strength to rival that of Madara. Even if it was only a fleeting strength, it was one that was clearly there. 

(Else where in the Hideout)

        Pein stood and gazed upon the two as they entered. "They did it."

     Madara raise his brow with surprise and leaned forward. The air thickened with anticipation as he pulled his hands from his face and spoke with a grimace. 

"He's much stronger than I thought. Maybe, we can promote him?"

 Pein refused. "Not yet."

Madara sighed as he waved his hand. "Whatever."

       The room fell silent and the two stood and gazed at each other for almost an hour until Madara spoke.

"Is it almost time to get the plan in motion...?"

"I believe so, Madara."

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