Unpulled Strings

Obito hung his head in fear. He had done the only thing that was not tolerated, but was not punished... But must watch his steps now. What will happen? Who exactly is this stranger?


3. A change of heart?

          Fuu awoke slowly, the darkness seemed almost grey or like a blur. Pain shot through her head as the numb sensations wore off, leaving her defenceless to the agony.

           A figure sat in a chair near her, it's eye gazing through her and spoke no words as she screamed at it, its yellow glowing gaze unwavering. The pain still afflicted her and she eventually stopped struggling.

        The details of the room did not matter, as it was too dark to see anyway. If the figure moved, its eye made a streak of light, but never broke its gaze. After an extremely long time had past, it finally spoke.

"I see you are indeed alright." Its tone was almost like it was relieved as it continued.

It seemed like it was caring as it spoke. "If I had killed you, I don't know how I'd forgive myself. After all, I'm not obliged to killing." 

Fuu growled. "And your a bastard for not doing it! Defeat in itself is worse than death."

       The figure stopped. After what seemed like a hour, a light came on. The room was designed like that of a chess board, no decoration except for the chains on the walls and the single chair that the man sat in.

       His slender eye cut through her as he gazed. The sickly yellow eye had a slit for a pupil, giving it a intimidating feel. The black coat he wore was long, belt in the middle as the end split into four pieces and tattered at the ends. Complimented by his black pants and boots. The figure stare calmly through his pink hair that covered his other eye and the bandages hid his features.

He relaxed. "Do you remember me?"

Fuu tried over and over until she spoke. "No. I don't remember much except for a pressure on my throat and a sharp pain."

He sighed. "Let me remind you." - His eye shot a sharp stare again. - "You were fighting a man named Obito. You popped his thigh, then rushed me. I grabbed your throat and shocked you. And I must say, I'm terribly sorry about that. I had no choice."

Fuu's eyes widened with shock. "That was you?!"

           After several hours, they had apparently become good friends. After the conversation neared its end, he removed the chains on Fuu. 

         She rubbed her wrists, eyeing him carefully, making sure he wasn't going to attack her. He open the heavy door that blended with the room, leading her into the meeting room, switching his eye before entering. Obito shot him an angry glare and growled.

"What are you doing, bringing her here?"

Agger sighed. "I want to ask Pein a very important question."

Pein looked up and spoke slowly. "Yes?"

Agger scratched his head. "Can she join? Please? I'll take the responsibility of making sure that she isn't any trouble. And I still need a partner."

Pein glance at Madara, whom nodded quickly. "I don't see why not. Konan would you go to the back and get..."


Pein nodded. "Sorry. Fuu, a cloak?"

Agger attempted to sit, but was interrupted by Obito. "Where is your cloak?"

Agger sat. "It was too badly damaged by the battle."

Obito nodded. "Alright then."

        The meeting room fell silent, the wind blew harsh and bit with a cold feeling through the window as Tobi spoke.

"Hey Agger... you look like .... ummm.... oh! Bankai Ichigo!"

Agger sighed. "Yes, the coat is similar, but not exact. He had two tassets on his. I have four. And I also have a chain on my shoulder and a leather whip as a belt. And mine is in better condition." 

Tobi laughed. "Dominatrix much?""

Agger sighed as he face palm. "Kill me now..."

        The meeting resumed as Fuu entered, wearing her new robe. Agger couldn't stop looking at her as the meeting was going. He'd never loved anyone so he didn't know what was going on, only that he wouldn't stop looking at her every five minutes.

She noticed this. "What?"

 That part that showed of Agger's face turned bright red. "N-nothing."

      Several days later, they set out to find the ancient ruins of Kji'nere Bi'isho. After the third day, they finally stumble on what seemed a passage to the ruins. 

Hidan grunted, his voice echoed in the large passage. "I hate walking."

Agger shook his head. "I actually like walking, especially since I used to live here."

At that moment, everyone in the group turned toward him and spoke in perfect sync.


He sighed. "Yep."

Kakuzu laughed. "And how old are the ruins?"

Agger sat on a flat rock and thought. "... About..... two thousand years old. Why?"

Kakuzu scoffed. "How long did you live here?"

Agger frowned. "You sure you wanna know?"

Kakuzu nodded.

Agger stood, grabbing his whip from his waist. "I built this place."

        No one in the group spoke. Some stared, other turned away. Second after second past as the silence continued. 

Tobi finally broke the silence. "Old fart!"

         After Agger tied Tobi in a pretzel knot, the group continued down the path. After two days, Agger began having nightmares and a seal was forming on his belly. The only one who noticed was Fuu, but she promised not to tell the others.

(Later that night)

Fuu gazed at the seal. "What does it mean...?"

Agger sighed. "It means I am a Jinchuuriki. To what, I do not know."

Fuu fixated herself on the enormous amount of scars that riddled his body, the amount was uncanny even for a ninja. She grabbed her ninja tool bag and pulled a row of bandages.

Agger seemed confused. "I won't need that."

Fuu smiled. "Not yet."

      She grabbed a kunai, slashing him in the gut. The bleeding was moderate, but the injury was not fatal.

She wrapped the bandages around him as he grunted, she spoke when she finished.  "Now it's not suspicious."

        After days of walking, they reach the ruins. The houses bleached in moss. Agger approached the smallest house in the ruins. On the sign it read: "ki'jia imkai ji'i mos's -o--mur- As--a Jinpa'ichi.". Some was too faded to read.

Obito spoke with confusion. "What does it mean?

Agger smiled. "It means 'The home of the powerful Kokomuri Jinpachi Asura."

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