Is This What Love Is?

Ella was in love with the idea of being in love. She wanted to fall in love more than anything, so she wrote about it. And one day, her stories helped her find the one person that she was meant to fall in love with.


1. First Meetings And Winter Skies

Ella wanted to fall in love more than anything. She was the kind of girl that had her wedding planned by the time she was eight years old. But Ella had never been in love, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed. And I know what your thinking, but Ella was more than her dream of falling in love. She was a writer and a musician and had actually been quite successful in her life. But at the back of her mind there was always her childhood dream, the idea of falling in love. she thought about it and wrote about it and forever wanted to fall in love. 


(Ella's Point Of View) 

I was waiting..... My best friend was a teacher in Brighton, England where we both lived. And I was waiting for the school day to end so I could pick her up from school. We were traveling back to the States where both of our families lived so we could visit them for Christmas break. And I was sort of dreading going back, I mean, I was excited to see my family, but Noel and I hadn't been back to the States since we moved to England, and that had been two years ago. We hadn't left much in America, but my parents weren't happy that I chose to move to England just to write and Noel's parents hadn't been happy that she chose to move to England to teach. According to our parents these were jobs that we could do just fine, or even better if we stayed in America. But regardless of that, I missed my family and I was excited to go back, I'm sure it will be ok.....


(Noel's Point Of View) 

I couldn't wait to go back and see my family! I know that they weren't happy with Ella and I for choosing to move to England, but I missed them so much and I'm sure they've forgiven us by now. I was honestly a little bit nervous about the whole thing, but Ella was so worried that I wasn't going to let her know that I was nervous too. I was watching the clock all day at school, and I know the students noticed that I couldn't pay attention. I felt bad, but I knew that the students couldn't pay attention either. After the bell rang and I made sure that all of my students made it safely to the bus, I went to the classroom down the hall to pick up my boyfriend, who was coming on the trip as well. And we were off. The entire ride to the airport, Ella was talking a million miles a minute, which just proved to me how nervous she actually was. My boyfriend James was laughing at Ella and I as I tried to distract Ella from her nerves about the trip. Finally we boarded the plane and Ella fell asleep literally five minutes after the plane took off. I watched movies with James the whole plane ride and talked about my family since he hadn't met them yet. 


(James's Point Of View) 

I had never met Noel's family and I was terrified. I was also planning to propose to Noel on Christmas, so this trip was.... Well it would be an adventure, that's for sure. The plane ride felt a lot longer than it actually was because today was only three days until Christmas and I just kept thinking over my Christmas plans. I knew that Noel could tell I was fidgety, but I hoped that she was just blaming it on nervousness about meeting her family. Gosh I couldn't wait until Christmas... 


(Ella's Point Of View) 

The plane landed and I woke up with a jerk. I saw that we were back to the States and my heart started beating faster and faster. I finally got out of the airport and then went to rent a car. Noel was going to her parents house and I was going to mine, so even though we grew up about five minutes apart, we decided to rent separate cars for the trip. I got on the highway and started to drive, it was about an hour long drive to my parents house from the airport. I turned on music and drove and drove. I got increasingly more nervous as I got closer and closer. I wasn't even sure why I was so nervous, I had talked to my parents since I moved and they seemed to have gotten over the fact that I moved to a different country, but I think I was just so scared because everything was going to be different..... I hoped that I could still have a good Christmas, and I was so excited to see my family, but.... But it was all to be very different and I never could deal very well with change. I got to my parent's driveway and had to park on the curb because the driveway was full, it looked like both of my brothers were able to come. That's good, right? I could hear my heartbeat and gave myself a minute to calm down as I stood on the porch with my hand on the doorbell. I rang the doorbell and waited until someone came to the door. My mother pulled me inside and hugged me for what felt like hours, it wasn't, of course. When I walked in, I was greeted so warmly by my entire family and I was in bliss. I had missed them so, so much. In the time I had been gone, both of my brothers had gotten married and I hadn't been able to attend either wedding so it was good to meet my brothers' wives. We all ate dinner shortly after I got there and just talked. It was so good to catch up with my family, so much had happened in two years.... 


(Noel's Point Of View) 

We rented a car and I could see James getting more nervous as we got near to our destination. I felt bad that he was so nervous to meet my family, I had told him that I was sure that they would love him, but I suppose that didn't do much good. I tried to calm him down, but I think I just made him more nervous. It was actually sweet that he cared that much about impressing my family, but I didn't want him to be so scared of my family. When we got to my parents house we got out of the car and walked up to the door. The door was opened as soon as we got to porch and my parents hugged me and then hugged James and introduced themselves to him. He grinned and I could tell he had calmed down a little bit. We went into the house and I introduced James to my siblings and their spouses. They all loved him and my nieces and nephews just adored him from the minute he walked in the door. I was so glad that my family had been so welcoming and that James seemed to like them because he had a lot of family trouble growing up. That's actually why he decided to be a teacher so that he could be there for children that had no one else, see James had been orphan and was moved around to different foster homes his entire childhood. It was hard for him to accept people because of that constant moving and fear he had as a child, but he was getting better and I was so proud of him. Gosh, I loved him. 


(James's Point Of View) 

I was so happy with Noel's family. I had no idea how they would treat me, I knew that Noel had brought home boys before that had not been met with the warmth that her family had shown me, so I was nervous to meet them. But they were so sweet and instantly took me in. I hoped that they would let me be a part of their family forever. Tonight I was going to ask Noel's father if he was ok with me asking Noel to marry me and I had no idea how he would react. We all ate dinner and then Noel said she was going to bed, since she was still on Brighton time. I knew that this was when I had to ask. I gathered up all of my courage and asked Noel's father if he would talk to me alone. I asked him if I could marry his daughter and he said I could. He explained that many other men had asked to marry Noel, but that when he met me, he knew that I was the man that he had been praying for, the man that was to marry Noel. I was so happy, I could barely believe it. I only hoped that Noel would agree. 



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