Web of Lies

Georgina Rockwell was an average girl, she believed everything her mother told her to believe. She was normal, she loved school, she had a family, and her father died tragically in an accident before Georgina was born. When an accident invokes memories of her father-a man she was led to believe she had never met, her world comes tumbling down as the web of lies her mother had sewn collapses. Will she ever find the truth buried under all the lies?


1. ----The Accident







Georgina walked down the street, her mother following her, as she had since she was six.  Georgina waved down her friend Ashlyn so they could walk together, and make it seem as if her mother was just a lady walking in the same general direction. Georgina never understood why her mother followed her to school, went to work and made sure she was there to follow her home. What was so dangerous about the small town where they lived? They had both been born here, and Georgina never remembered living anywhere else. She also never knew her father-her mother told her he had died tragically before she was born-which happened Georgina supposed, but that didn't explain why she could never find an accident report of the night her father supposedly died or why no one in town seemed to know anything about it. Georgina wanted to believe her mother, she believed her on most things she told her, but this-this was hard to believe with no proof to back up her mother's story.


"Georgie, who are you thinking about? You haven't said a word to me." Ashlyn said pouting.


"I'm sorry Ash, I was just thinking about my father. I've been thinking a lot about him lately-there are no accident reports or death certificates or anything. How am I supposed to believe he's dead?"


"I don't know Georgie. Keep on a positive note, yeah? Your date with Nico remember? Its tomorrow. Don't forget your coming to my house."


"How could I forget? I am a bit surprised my mother is letting me go."


"You're almost eighteen dear. Of course she's letting you go. I'm surprised she's stayed back there the whole time. She's usually up here jumping into conversation."


"I think its the 'anniversary of his death' or something." Georgina said with air quotes. 


"Still a bit uneasy about believing that one? You've believed her for eighteen years, what changed?"


"I don't know." Georgina stopped at the crossing, and walked across the street-the crossing guard was in the center, and everything was swell-peaceful, like the calm before the storm. Georgina was halfway across the street when the car struck her. She was sent flying through the air, and landed a good twelve or so feet away from the crosswalk. Her legs were in odd angles, and she couldn't feel anything below her neck. She heard screams, as if she was underwater-they were distorted, and hard to make out. She remembered seeing a man, leaning against a tree...she had never seen him before-but he looked familiar. That's why she didn't see the car-or hear it. She was distracted by the man.


"MY BABY. You hit my baby! Oh god Georgina!" that was her mother.


"GEORGIE! SWEETIE Stay with us, Georgina?" Ashlyn was screaming at her to stay awake. Was she sleeping? She didn't think so, Ashlyn shook her shoulders fiercely trying to keep her awake. Georgina heard the sirens faintly and then not at all. All she saw was blackness, an abyss of her fears and desires. She saw familiar faces but she couldn't get herself to wake up. She saw Nico's face, and Ashlyn's and a strange man...and then she saw her mother's worried stare. She saw a spider web being destroyed...and she had never felt so confused in all her life. Why couldn't she wake up from the nightmare?


Georgina laid unconscious in the hospital bed, although seemingly asleep-she was thrashing and screaming despite the heavy casts on her legs and arms. Her mother watched her, helpless. Her mother had no choice but to call the man she had told her daughter had died...just so her daughter could have a normal life. Vanessa Rockwell left her daughter's side, to contact her father. 


"Trixton, demon of the Northern Realm I summon thee." Red smoke encompassed her as her husband materialized in front of her. 


"Vanessa, and here I thought I'd never hear those beautiful words again."


"Trixton it is no time for comedy. Our daughter is in a coma, she needs your help."


"Ah so this isn't a booty call." 


"No...please Georgina needs your help."


"Why should I help?"


"Because she is half demon and the heir to your throne. Please."


"Fine, but it comes at a price. She will know who I am, and she will know who she is. No more hiding her true nature from her Vanessa."


"I accept your terms."


"I also wish to come home my dear."


"I don't think that's-"


"You already agreed. That is the deal and you accepted. Besides, we're married in the eyes of my father. I can come home any time I choose."


"Fine. Just please heal our daughter." Trixton disappeared in a puff of smoke, and reappeared next to the distraught and unconscious Georgina. 


"My poor daughter, what foul creature did this to you?" Trixton placed a forefinger on his daughter's head and a black light enveloped them. Georgina stopped thrashing, and seemed to be waking up. Her casting really was unnecessary now, but for appearances, Trixton left them. He retreated to the darkest part of the room when her mother entered. He would make his reappearance into her life gradually. Give her back memories her mother insisted he take away before leaving. He blew a kiss, filled with the memory of her birth. It was his own memory, not even a half demon girl could remember her own birth. She woke fully and stared at her mother.

"You-you told me father died before I was born-but I remembered something, he was there...when I was born wasn't he? He held me, and sang to me... Hush little princess, don't say a word. Daddy's the prince of Hell. Don't you cry,"


"Sweetheart I'm sorry...I thought it would be for the best."


"So you led me to believe he was dead! Who does that? Why not just say he went away? At least that would be half true!"


"Georgina please..."


"Is that even my name?


"Of course that's your name! I wouldn't lie about that!"


"How can I believe you? After your web of lies?"


"Georgina, darling your father he's coming home."


"Is he?"


"Yes. He's the reason your awake right now. He healed you."


"I want to see him then. I want him to tell me."


"Trixton, you can come out now." Trixton emerged from the corner he had been hiding in. "Trixton please give Georgina her memories."


"As you wish love." Georgina was flabbergasted, this man in front of her was the man she had been distracted by on the crosswalk. This man wasn't a man at all, but a demon. This man was her father. He had her dark hair, but her's was curly, and more alive than his, and his eyes were a golden color of a cat's. Actually, his eyes matched her cat Bilbo's eyes perfectly. 




"Ah yes, sorry about that Georgina, yes I am your beloved cat Bilbo. I wanted to be close to you, and that was the only way I knew how. So I possessed your cat, he's fine I assure you. It was only time to time."




"You thought I was dead. That is only half true you see, I am legally dead but I am also alive but I'm not undead. I'm an immortal species called, 'Demon'. I'm actually the King of the Northern Realm. You see, Lucifer, my father was imprisoned some time ago so my brother's and I divided Hell. About eighteen years ago."


"How long were you around before...mother sent you away?"


"For the first couple of years, and then your powers emerged and your mother thought it best if I bound your powers and striped your memories. I'm going to return them now, and unbound your powers. It will be disorientating at first but it will make your life easier if you knew. Do you understand?"


"I do..."  her father approached her, and placed a different forefinger to her forehead, and said a foreign word Georgina didn't understand or recognize. A flash of red light blinded her momentarily and then memories flooded her vision. She couldn't see anything but the past. She saw her father carrying her around on his shoulders in the park, her birthday parties-all her birthdays until she was six. He was there for so long-and her mother made her forget he ever existed. When the memories finished, she could see her mother crying. Her father stood fully erect, hands behind his back, and he was smiling.


"Georgina, do you know what you are?"


"I'm, half demon, the Princess of the Northern Realm of Hell. My mother wiped my memories of you. A full six years that I knew my father was alive and he loved me and you took that away! Why would you take that away?" Georgina screamed at her mother.


"I wanted you to have a normal life. I didn't want your uncles or the ones above to know about you. They would kill you sweetheart. I wanted to protect you."


"But saying my father was dead before I was born? You couldn't have said when I was three or barely old enough to remember or tell me I was in the car and I lost all memory of the accident and-"


"I'm sorry."


"You're not sorry enough! Leave! I don't want to you mother. Tell Ashlyn she can come in if she wants."


"You can't tell her-"


"I can and I will! For  I know she's a demon dad sent to keep an eye on me."


"She isn't, Trixton?"


"She is, what else was I supposed to do? You told me I was never to see her again! She is my daughter too Vanessa.  I was watching her to keep her safe. I love her because she is the only good thing I have ever done."




"No! Mom you've hurt both of us. You didn't give daddy the chance he deserved."



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