Web of Lies

Georgina Rockwell was an average girl, she believed everything her mother told her to believe. She was normal, she loved school, she had a family, and her father died tragically in an accident before Georgina was born. When an accident invokes memories of her father-a man she was led to believe she had never met, her world comes tumbling down as the web of lies her mother had sewn collapses. Will she ever find the truth buried under all the lies?


2. Coming Home

Georgina looked up at the home she had grown up in. In this home her mother had lied to her for almost twelve years. Georgina picked up the bag her mother had packed for her. She hated the idea of having to still live here. Georgina, by nature she supposed was a gifted liar, and perhaps that was why her mother believed her when she said as she came in the door that she was glad to be home. Georgina would've preferred to have stayed in the hospital-but the doctor's saw no reason for her to stay-so she was discharged, useless casts and all. Georgina was whisked away by her mother moments after stepping across the threshold. 


"Georgina, I cannot even begin the process of apologizing when your looking so famished! You need food!"


"Mother, I'm fine. Daddy took me to eat."


"Oh," her mother said disheartened. "A drink then?"




"Tea? Coffee?"


"Why are you treating me like a member of your book club?"


"Because, I don't know how you want me to act. I've lied to you, and I feel awful about it-but I thought it was for the best...I know it wasn't a white lie-like the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy...but I needed you to be safe."


"Mother, this lie is hardly a bold faced lie either. You brought me up to believe my father died-in a car crash that no one had any records of!"


"So you knew I was lying, didn't you?"


"Ashlyn tried telling me I was crazy-but I knew. There would be at least an obituary or something."


"I'm sorry."


"Why lie? If I knew and promised never to tell-where would be the harm. Do you realize I have twelve years of training to make up for? I have no idea how to use theses powers mom."


"I'm sorry-"


"Sorry isn't enough mom. No matter how many times you say it or I say I forgive you. Because if I ever said that, I would be lying. And you couldn't yell at me for lying because then you would be a hypocrite." Georgina said as she pushed away from the table and walked up to her bedroom. She noticed the picture on her nightstand, it was of her father-or the man her mother had put in the frame with the cursive letters; 'Daddy' Georgina picked it up and threw it across the room. Her whole life had been a lie, a lie her mother had concocted to-to protect her from threats she had never heard of. Georgina slid down her wall and buried her head in her arms. White hot tears escaped her tear ducts and cascaded down her face in a steaming hot mess.  The make up she had stupidly applied ran down her face as she cried-as she realized the memories that she had-were just a lie. Ashlyn was a lie. Nico probably was a lie too. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she fished it out, glad for the distraction. It was Nico- she should answer.


"Hello?" Georgina choked out.


"Georgie, you OK?" Nico asked, his concern clearly sincere even through the choppy reception.


"Yes, just thinking." Georgina whispered. "What's up?"


"I was wondering if you were up to going out?"


"Yes, of course."


"Pick you up at seven?"


"Okay, let me find something to wear that will fit around my casts."


"Okay. I hope you're alright. I saw what happened. Why didn't you move?"


"I didn't hear the car I guess." 


"The car was blaring its horn-I think the brakes had given out-or at least that's what the accident report read in the paper."


"Oh...I didn't hear the car Nico."


"Alright. I'll see you soon."


"Okay, bye."


"Bye." Nico said as he disconnected the call. Georgina threw her phone onto the bed and got up. Although fully healed, her casts that were kept on for appearances burdened her more than she'd care to admit. She wobbled over to the closet and found a loose fitting dress that would hide most of the unnecessary bulk of the cast. Apparently the crash broke several of her ribs, and both femurs, dislocated her shoulders, and broke both her arms. So she would need a scribe. Hopefully one that had good hand writing.  Georgina when satisfied with how she looked hopped down the stairs, or tried to walk down them without falling. Her walking casts didn't permit her to wear shoes so, this would have to do. When her mother saw her, her face lit up and she beamed.


"I just knew an accident breaking most of the bones in your body wouldn't stop Nico from calling you."


"Why do you like Nico so much?"


"He's an ally of your father that gets along more with me than your father. I've known him for ages. Don't worry though-he's actually the age he says he is or rather his body looks to be that age. He's immortal."


"Like my father?"


"No, he's a different species of Hethen, I think he said he was a Time Walker. I can't be sure."


"Oh, alright." A car horn sounded outside and Georgina went to the door. "Wish me luck."


"Luck." her mother whispered. Georgina wobbled towards Nico's car where he perched on the hood. 


"Not going to help me Time Walker?" Georgina said casually. 


"How did you-"


"My mother told me. The first truth to come out her mouth in twelve years. So, you know my dad huh?"


"Not personally, but yes. I'm sorry if this makes this weird."


"It doesn't. I'm flattered really."


"You are?"


"Of course. A princess such as myself must be flattered by her courtships-don't you think?" Georgina said sarcastically. "No, Nico I find it extremely cool that an immortal being would waste his time on me. A halfling."


"I'm not wasting my time, am I?"


"Not in my personal opinion."


"Okay then."


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