Darkness Falls

Devoid of any memory, Paige Hewin awakens in a concealed cabin. She finds herself in a world where tangible darkness lingers around every corner. Any hope of seeking her identity sweeps away as she unravels the intricacies of her life.

Her origins obscure. Her goals obscure.


1. The Darkest Evening

Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. My head was spinning round. I dodged every huge man, budged every single person while manoeuvring my way through the dense evening crowd. I faced down and walked straight. A surge in the crowd behind me would jolt me forward. Between this, a  young woman hit me with her elbow and jostled me to the ground. She and the others around noticed, but didn't bother giving me a hand. I  stood up, speaking nothing, and brushed my dress. Everyone resumed walking. I soon turned to a pathway, escaping from the busy crowd of pedestrians. 

The lane was very quite. I heard footsteps behind me. I didn't bother looking back. I turned around the corner, so did the footsteps. The wind blew with a howl, cold enough to make me hug myself. This path was covered with over grown weeds and shattered pieces of chiselled marble with belonged to some old petty statue, probably. The trees sideways created a narrow aisle covered by a  layer of freshly fallen snow. This place would look like a remote cemetery in rainy season with bats tangling in the trees and earthy smell lingering in the noses.

I had a lot going on in my mind: past day revelations, encounters with new people, trying to familiarize the streets and the city structures. I could say I have never been here in these lanes and streets before, but at times I feel I have. I was wearied throughout and just wanted to return home.

The same footsteps were following me. I got a little paranoid, so I started running. Panting heavily, after one minute of running, I lost that person. Then suddenly someone caught hold of my arm with a muscular grip. I turned defeated, to a tall guy with his hood on, partly covering his eyes. 

 "Hey stop following me!" I raged out and tried pulling my arm free from his. He stood still without a single twitch in his muscle. I assumed his dark eyes were analyzing me from under the hood. 

 "I know you... You're that girl I saved from drowning the other day." He spoke excitedly yet in a serene manner. 

 "What?....no...I-I.. don't even know you," I said, sounding awfully confused. This was exactly I was avoiding- people who claim to recognise me, when I clearly am meeting them for the first time. I don't know who to trust and who would want the bad of me.

"I thought I'd never see you again....Paige right? Your names Paige." I saw his pitch dark eye-socket gleam eerily. I tilted my head side-to-side, trying to picture his face which was shadowed.

"Uh, yeah...Paige," I agreed, hesitantly at first, even though I had no idea what my name was.  "How'd you know my name?" I hissed.

 "Uh- you told me the other day, don't you remember?"

 l stared at the blunt dark dull green blades of grass. Could this being be telling the truth? I have currently no reason to believe him, plus, he is lacking proof.

"Oh right." I said. So, thats my name- Paige. Paige what? I open my mouth to ask my surname, but that would seem very foolish and dumb. I suppressed the question.

"So why were you in the lake the other day? Suiciding?" He asked calmly. He walked a foot before me with his very tall height causing him to lean back slightly, maintaining stability.

"Excuse me?" I ask, intrigued by his question.

"I don't know you and never remember me jumping in a lake to kill myself."

"That's unusual, because I did witness it with my own eyes." He said, and I turned to see his eyes, which looked abnormally hidden under the hood.

"My name is Ian. Ian Vance. Don't forget it...again." He said. I am assuming, he thinks that he mentioned me his name last time, too. Whenever the previous encounter occurred, that is.

"Okay what do you want Ian?" I asked, coldly. I stopped and turned to him. I can't be polite or affectionate to a complete stranger who out of nowhere claims to save my life.

"Just curious to know your story and how you ended up in the water." Ian shrugged.

"That is confidential. You are a complete stranger to me." I said, continuing my walking business. 

"But I did save you." He said.

"Well then. Thank You if you did, now leave me alone." I replied sourly.

"Weird female." He muttered behind me, but I heard it. It's not his fault I'm the odd one here. I don't remember a single thing about me and my life. My family, my friends, or my past. Yesterday afternoon, I woke up with a completely empty mind. I mean literally. All I could remember was nothing. I now wonder if that is even worldly normal? Shouldn't I have waken up in a white walled clinic rather then an old house? I drift out of the thoughts and think of making a deal.

"Will you stop bugging me if I give you a reason for me drowning in the lake...?" I asked.


"See... I was sick and tired of my life and my family. You know we had some family problems, so I wanted to end all of this and I...." I said, leaving the rest to his conclusions. That's the only reason I could think of and I simply hope this would convince him.

"Hmm... you know you just said that you don't remember jumping in a lake?" Came his clever reply. Well great thinking, now I had no choice but to run again, and that is what I've been doing since today morning. I turn around and make a run. I must have looked really stupid. But anyway I was stopped when Ian caught hold of me in less than five seconds.

"It's so easy catching you." He said. I stared at him, and wriggled my wrist from his grip. This time I did. The street lamp on our right lit with all the others, placed each at 10 feet distance, probably. Ian's face was now, slightly visible. Visible enough to see his chiseled jawline and his straight nose. I wanted to force him under the circle of light for a better appearance.

"Where do you live?" Came his other question and again I found myself drifting into thoughts for a probable answer. I don't know, I thought.

"Few streets away." I replied, making my own directions for a house. It should work... if he isn't from around.

"I see." He started pondering into his thoughts and that was not a good thing. Before he could ask me any further about myself, I took the oppurtunity to flee.

"So Ian, nice meeting you. It's late so I'll be heading home." I said. I didn't wait for his response and turned on my heels to walk according to my fake directions. He stood still, watching me disappear around the corner of this street. Then, I headed to the forests keeping an eye out for Ian. I flitted past rows of houses and stores, until I reached the dead end of the street. The forest was surrounded by fencing of old barbed wire. It was twisted and cut at some areas, helping me to creep from under them.

"No Entry." I read the sign on a plank. I didn't bother. I walked deep into the forest until I reached a clear ground. Finding my way in was much easier than finding my way out from here. There was a small wooden cabin between the tall pine trees. This is where I live. I assume this as my home. I grabbed the old rusted handle and opened the wooden door. It creeked aloud which broke the silence around the quiet woods, and made the birds flap and flying.

This house wasn't in a bad condition inspite of it's old, abandoned appearance. Luckily and strangely, the water and electrical facilities were working. I wonder if anyone lives here or used to leave here. The small cabin was provided with bed and cupboards, except the most essential- heaters.

Every other minute I would hear the crunching of the leaves on the ground, outside the house and I peep out of the window hoping to spot someone. But, no one.

My stomach grumbled aloud making it the only noise to echo around the room. I haven't eaten since yesterday. I was saving on the only food I had. So, I repress the thoughts of food and hunger and forced my eyes shut on the cold bed. The thin sheets was the only source of keeping me warm.

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