Darkness Falls

Devoid of any memory, Paige Hewin awakens in a concealed cabin. She finds herself in a world where tangible darkness lingers around every corner. Any hope of seeking her identity sweeps away as she unravels the intricacies of her life.

Her origins obscure. Her goals obscure.


5. Born for Darkness

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked. It was twelve in the night and there is no way we could get in the hostel without getting caught.

"Noris will take care of her well." Cedric said. We parked his car outside the hostel's premises and sneaked in. A wall facing the desolate road had a piece of graffiti reading "Born For Darkness". It looked dreadful as though some one deliberately smeared his or her's blood over it.

"What if someone sees us? We didn't take a permission slip either and-" I asked, pacing fast along with him.

"We take the back route. It was created by the student body for such purposes. But it's a creepy, risky route with the military dogs just behind the railings. " He whispered, waving me to follow him behind the building. Unluckily, the military area of Redelf was situated just behind our Hostel, with big vicious Dobermans guarding their area from trespassers and barking the day lights out of them. That's us today.

"Hold on, where's the fourth dog?" Cedric posed the most worst case scenario question. In a moment, I started panicking.

"Cedric, run!" I shouted and pulled his arm after I felt the breathing of a third person or maybe worst, an animal, around me. I didn't think twice, just ran for my life. Dobermans are the most fierce dogs according to me and I don't want saliva and canine teeth marks over my body, ever.

"Paige, w-a-i-t.." He whispered, panting. I dragged Cedric along with me as he reluctantly moved this feet. I don't understand what's more precious than life for him!

"Shh! The dog is on the loose!" I whispered and paced my feet fast. "You are going the wrong way, the back door is the other way!" Cedric hissed.

"Ow!" Cedric exclaimed. "Stop pinching me!" He said. We foolishly hid between two pillars as if dogs never had incredible sensitive sense of smell.

"It wasn't me Ced." I spoke with dread in my voice. "Of course, it was you. Wait, what?!" I felt Cedric's body stiffen next to me and he bounced back. I stood still focusing my eyes on two gleaming red sites of light, which slowly gained on us. The vague red lights turned out to be two bloody eyes of a big, no biggest breed of Doberman I have ever seen! My body felt limb and weak.

I and Cedric were comparatively short in front of the huge dog approaching us. All the will to fight back or even run was seeping away. In a second the mutated creature leaped on us. I fell on my face and I think I got a bleeding nose. This was nothing compared to the pain I will have to endure when the dog rips my flesh apart. Cedric pulled me out of the dog's paws and we both ran with all our might up a flight of stairs. I tripped, considering the fact that it was pitch dark in the halls and I was clumsy enough. Cedric must not have seen my fall, and continued running. I yanked my sweaty body up and rose but until then the savage dog caught my jeans by the hem, between it's drooling jaws. It growled and kept pulling me towards itself. With one leap it locked me between it's soft fur and the cold hard ground. I screamed. I prayed for the second time this night with tears dribbling down my burning cheeks. The dog's face inched closer and closer with saliva dripping over my neck. It pulled my necklace hard and I screamed again. This time with pain. It tried tugging it again, clutched between it's strong jaws, which yielded nothing but pain. Cedric threw a heavy rock at the dog and shockingly, it ran away.

Cedric hurried over, white-faced, and helped me to my feet.

"You alright? Did it hurt you?" He examined my body for any bleeding. "I'm fine. It just gave me an aching neck." I croaked. My neck was throbbing and my legs were still trembling. It was after my necklace, trying to rip it out off my neck. But Why? He bend over to have a look at my burning neck. "Ouch! That's gonna hurt."

"We better move fast. Probably someone could have heard you screaming." He suggested and I promptly agreed. The picture of the beastly creature ripping off my head kept clicking in front of my eyes. I could have just died. But I didn't. The think that perplexes me is that why did it recoil back in one throw, instead of...ripping me apart.

Cedric unlocked his door with a spare key. We quietly shut the door behind us. His roommate was asleep on the bed so we spoke in whispers.

"That thing....it was so huge and those bloody eyes." Cedric said. I nodded.

"But that's strange. I counted the dogs behind the railings and they were correctly four. I raised a false alarm earlier. Sorry about that." He said. "But if you hadn't arrived at the conclusions early..."

"We would have been dead." I piped in. Just a moment there I thought: I have been attacked by a stray dog, and the strangest thing was it had red eyes and felt a yearning for my necklace.

"I guess. But that creature is unleashed. We should inform the office about this. " He said glancing behind his shoulder.

I crane my neck back and forth, easing the pain. "I know but will they even believe us? I walk into the room and explain the story. An absurdly huge black dog, or perhaps a werewolf's kin with bloody eyes is unleashed and on the look for a prey. No, its not on the news but I and Cedric had been attacked last night, and Cedric's impetuous decision of throwing a stone on its face deemed successful. And we were saved!"

"Yes, not passable." He smiled. "Also, I can't think of an excuse when we'll be questioned, about the reason of roaming the boundaries of the hostel this late."

"Agreed. So its the best we keep it shut." I said. "Yep."

"Yep. Good night, Cedric."

"Let me drop you to your room. You know in case the dog returns back...."

"So that you can once again throw a rock at its face and prove your heroism?" I chuckle.

"Okay...you are on your own." He shrugs. "Good night." He said, smiling his trustworthy smile. I walk out of the room. The dark and cold corridors made me shiver. I was on my own till the forth floor. The stairs were fortunately made of stone and not the creek-singing wooden stairs that we all see in horror films. I sighed in relief as soon as I reached the girls corridor. I opened my door nob with the process of putting an pulling out the key. It took a while.

I slowly walked in, accustomed to the same darkness. A fierce gust of wind hit my bag and dress. The window shuttles were open, and the curtain waved inside the room. The moonlight dimly lit the room. I walked over to pull them close, then rubbed my palms over the wall where the switch board locates. I don't remember leaving the window open, and I would never leave them open. The ceiling lamps lit for me to visualize the floor. The books and papers were thrown over the bed and the floor. The items on desk and drawers were in a mess. Someone evidently sneaked into this room, and that person had something to do with my stuff. 

I searched through my mess, thinking if any of the things I own could possibly be of great value to someone else. All I see is faded sweaters and jeans, old books, and sketches I drew in my spare time.

Between the cloth piece and the rug I spotted a black feather and I picked it. It was silky and ended with tapering gold. It seemed peculiar for a bird's feather. I played with its texture and rolled over my bed. My shoes were still on but I kept feeling the feather on my skin. It felt beautiful.

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