Darkness Falls

Devoid of any memory, Paige Hewin awakens in a concealed cabin. She finds herself in a world where tangible darkness lingers around every corner. Any hope of seeking her identity sweeps away as she unravels the intricacies of her life.

Her origins obscure. Her goals obscure.


2. A Flashback

I was tired, but couldn't sleep. I simply kept my eyes shut, recapping all that as happened since yesterday.

>>> Enter into flashback<<<

I could barely open my eyes. They felt so weak. I skimmed my hands over the moist -laden bed and felt sheets. The light from a window hurt them. I shielded my eyes and rested my hands, slowly opening them. I felt something....it was blood. I gasped and crawled out of the bed, instantly falling on a dresser, losing my balance. I raised my head to the mirror and saw my reflection. My condition was dreadful. I was covered in blood, on my arms, face and my clothes. Tears filled my eyes. I walked out of the room while griping any piece of furniture to keep me steady.

I caught hold of the door frame and looked around for any being. My body felt limp and heavy. My head felt massive as though I have just waken up after a dose on anesthesia injected in my body. I don't feel pain, I have no memory.

"Hello, anyone here? Please answer." I shouted, expecting a loud voice out of my mouth, but it came whimpering.



Again silence.

I broke down on the floor feeling helpless. I shut my eyes in anguish.

"Was i dead?" I though. "Or am I a spirit now?"

I knew is was stupid of me to think that, but losing once memory is not a usual thing. I can't remember a thing that happened to me.

I had to find out.

I searched the house for anything, pictures, notes, or even possessions. I did not find much. I changed my current blood-covered shirt and trousers into a long faded frock, which i found in the cupboard. The frock couldn't help me in recalling anything about myself. While fitting the cloth on my body, I noticed a wide scar on my stomach. It stretched centimetres long and looked deep. I passed my fingers over it lightly, feeling no pain. My left arm, too, had a similar scar. Not deep, just superficial.

I washed my face in the small sink, in the kitchen. The water streamed away, turning red with blood. I then filled a wooden bucket with water and soaked my old clothes in them. Throwing the last thing I own, just didn't feel right.

It was freezing cold outside. The sunlight managed to peep out and warm everything with it's rays, including me. I was grateful. The only living things in sight were warblers and tall snow covered pines which surrounded the cabin from all the sides, leaving only few patches of land. I turned my head to see the house- wooden planks and snow clad roof with no chimney. It looked very old and abandoned.

I searched my way out of the woods and scraped a mark on the barks as i passed through it, with the help of a stone, and in a few minutes i made it out. The forest was the dead end of the city, probably. It was surrounded by barbed wire, but luckily i found ripped apart wires and made my way through the hole. Everything around me was normal. Normal with people, but with me?

The cold breeze blew gently and I pulled my cap over my pale ears and stuffed my hands in my pockets that's when I felt folded notes in there. I pulled out to see twenty bucks. That's when I headed to the nearest departmental store and bought a load of food and sodas I could effort. These will keep me going only for a few days. I grabbed my bags.

"Young lady," the cashier man called out as i was about to leave. He was old and slouched on his stool. I turned to him who was handing me my change. I forced a smile.

"You aren't from around here are you?" He asked as he glanced at my hair.

"Peculiar hair." He murmured as he reached to touch them. Startled, I recoiled back and left the store without speaking a word. I was dreadfully hungry so I stopped by the park, munching my food. It was six in the evening.

I walked on the streets of this unusual town, keenly observing everyone and something caught my attention. The people would often glance at me twice, or some stare blatantly. I didn't know what got them to notice me. I couldn't possibly be a prepossessing sight. I wore a faded dress and untidy hair.

Walking past a store, something caught my eye. My reflection. The old cashier was right. I had peculiar hair, white-silver hair. I must not have noticed before, or at least not have noticed how different it was compared to other's hair. I stood before a clear glass window, examining my reflection. I touched this pale skin of mine. Pale as such I have risen from the dead. I had bright blue eyes which matched an azure sky. They were the brightest on my pale white face, glowing like they were the light lamps of the dull face.

After a while, it struck me. Who am I? I couldn't remember a single thing about me. Why am I here? I don't recognize anyone. Is there any reason for my very existence? I strolled in a park as I hugged myself from the cold spine chilling wind. It was more of white than green in this park. I sat under an oak tree on the grass, still in my thoughts.

A cold chain rubbed against my nape, and I drew my hand over it. It was a strange, yet pretty necklace. An amulet, to be precise . It had stains of died blood over its bronze. No prescriptions or name.

"Who the hell am I?" I whispered to myself, almost tearfully.

I wanted warmth. I wanted home.

I felt eyes on me. A boy had his earphones on with his phone in his hand. He sat a distance away on the bench, staring at me. The slim phone in his hands reminded me- Which year is it, anyway? I got up wiping my tears. I couldn't even weep without gaining attention.

"Hey, wait!" He called out. Maybe he found my hair peculiar, too, or something else. I did stop.

"What?" I asked, with my back still facing him.

"I've seen you before. I know I have." he said.

"Well sorry, but no." I said, and turned to him.

"See I have seen you. You look familiar." He said. "It's not like I see white-haired girl everyday. If I would, I wouldn't forget."

I don't know if I should believe him. There are chances that he could be an old childhood friend, from when I hadn't lost my memory. But looking at the confusion on his face and the manner of approach, he doesn't look like he knew me very well. The boy in front of me stood and inspected me. He pulled the earplugs from his ears and payed more attention to the matter.

"Are you drug abuse?" He asked, and tilted his head towards his right.

"W-why would you ask that? No. " I said. He didn't reply. The phone in his started ringing, and our conversation lagged as he began talking to the person on the other line. I had my chance so I walked away from there and headed straight to the woods and found my way to the cabin. I checked the year: 21 December, a Saturday, on a calender. The date was circled in black. I could at least assume that it was this exact date today, or somewhat close to it. All I know, it's not the ancient times, nor the dark ages.

Now, I needed is an identity. I couldn't live like this.

>>>> flashback over <<<<

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