Beside you-Michael Clifford

Ellyse was adopted into the Hemmings household when she was 12. She's now 17 and her brother, Luke, is coming back for a little break from his tour with his band. When he comes home, he brings his band mates too..

A special someone catches Ellyse's eye. She has a huge crush on him and tries to keep it a secret but little does she know he feels the same way about her.

When 5 Seconds Of Summer has to go back on tour and Ellyse and the band get separated, does a special band member wish he was beside her?


28. 28

I've taken another 2 tests just to be sure and they both said positive. Kirsty rang the doctors to book an appointment for in a few weeks, that's when I get to see my little bundle of joy on the screen thingy and we also find out how big it is.

Oh, this is just so exciting.

Now that I've told Michael, it's time to tell my parents. Also Jack and Ben. Oh and not to forget, Jaidyn. I'm the most nervous about telling my parents at the moment but there's nothing I can do about it. I can't do abortions, it's a horrible thing to do. Well, in my opinion it is.

"Hey, mummm!" I said the moment they opened their front door. I decided it was best to tell them in person you know? They don't live too far from us so it would seem kind of stupid not to.

"Hello, honey. How are you, dear? Would you like a drink?" She said as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Can I have a glass of water thanks? Where's Da-" I was cut off by well, Dad.

"I'm here, sweetheart!" He smiled as he opened his arms and hugged me, kissing me on the cheek as well, "How are you darling?" He asked.

"Hi, Daddy," I smiled as Mum brang out ny glass of water, smiling at the two if us, "Before we do anything, I have something I really need to tell you guys. We might to sit down." A concerned look spread over each other their faces as we walked into the living room. Oh the memories.

"Are you okay, dear?" Mum asked, "You're not sick are you because Joy told me there was the common cold going around lately." Mums. Mums. Mums. Always worrying. I can't believe I'm going to be one. Omg.

"I'm not sick, Mum," I giggled, "I just have some news that will come as a shock to both of you. So are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes we are sweety," Dad said, placing his hand on my back lightly.

"Um, well, I uhh, I don't know how to say it so I'm just gonna come right out and say it," I said and they both nodded, "I-I'm pregnant." Both of their eyes widened as well as their jaws dropping. That is seriously everyone's reaction towards this. Literally.

"Pregnant, darling?" Mum asked, "Are you okay with this? Is Michael fine with this?"

"We're happy about it, Mum. Michael seems excited about having a child. I just.. Scared. I'm scared I'm not going to be a good mother," I confessed and Mum and Dad both gave me a comforting hug.

"You'll be an amazing mother, Ellyse. I know you will, sweets." She whispered as she stroked my hair. I'd love to believe what she's saying but I have almost no experience when it comes to children.

"That's what Michael said but I just don't know. I just... I-" I cut myself off, "Life isn't fair." I said and she nodded in agreement with me.

"I know, honey, I know. I've been through it you know. 3 children I've given birth to and let me tell you, it's all worth it." She reassured me, "It's up to you to make your own decisions on how you want to live your life. I'll always be here to help if you need it though."

"You're a smart girl, Ellyse. You'll be fine," Dad said. I love my parents so much, well their not my real ones but they act like it and I love them like their my real parents.

"Can you tell Jack and Ben for me?" I asked and they nodded as I smiled, "Thank you."


Jaidyn's POV.

"Hi, Jaidyn," Ellyse's voice rang down the phone as I sat up straight, Melissa looking at me weirdly before readjusting her head on my lap as she carried on watching Monsters Inc.

"Hey, Ellyse. What's up?" I asked as I looked down at Melissa, pressing a kiss to her forehead as she smiled and looked up at me, mouthing the words 'I love you'

"Ummm, well, I'm preg- ahhhhh!" Ellyse screamed. I heard screaching.. Like cars and then a huge crash. The line went flat and my eyes widened.

"Ellyse? Ellyse!" I yelled and Melissa sat straight up and stared at me, "Melissa! Omg." I was in disbelief. Was she just in a car accident. No. No. She can't have been.

The first thing I thought of was to call Mr and Mrs Hemmings and tell them what I just heard. I dialed in their number because they had given it to me as they took me back home and after a matter of seconds they picked up, "Helloo?" Mrs Hemmings said.

"Liz! I was just talking to Ellyse on the phone, I think she had a crash!" I yelled and then Melissa started to panic.

"Oh no, she just left the house about a minute ago.. The baby. Oh boy, the baby. I'll try and find the accident, Jaidyn. I'll call you and report to you what happened, okay honey?" She said panicked.

I nodded as if she could see me before I realised and answered her, "Y-yes. Th-thank you, Liz." And then I hung up the phone and Melissa flopped into my arms.

"You p-poor thing, babe. I love you." She said, her words slightly muffled by my jersey. My tears started to flow and I couldn't them. They just kept coming, "She'll be alright, Jai." She said as she leaned up and kissed my wet cheek.

"I love you." I whispered before I leaned down and kissed her on the lips, "I need to tell, Mum. I'll be right back, baby."

Ooooh. A car crash? What do you think will happen to Ellyse and the baby? Thank you so much for reading. Please favourite, comment and fan meee if you want :)

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