Beside you-Michael Clifford

Ellyse was adopted into the Hemmings household when she was 12. She's now 17 and her brother, Luke, is coming back for a little break from his tour with his band. When he comes home, he brings his band mates too..

A special someone catches Ellyse's eye. She has a huge crush on him and tries to keep it a secret but little does she know he feels the same way about her.

When 5 Seconds Of Summer has to go back on tour and Ellyse and the band get separated, does a special band member wish he was beside her?


24. 25


The Day That The Lads Leave :(

"Michael?" I felt around the sheets, looking for Michael with my eyes closed, ya know, because I'm super lazy but they weren't kept shut long as I didn't feel him next to me under the sheets, "Babe?"

I sat up and looked around my room, okay, good. He hasn't left yet because I can see his suitcase at the end of the bed and his clothes scattered everywhere, "Honey, were are you?" I asked as I slipped out of bed, pulling my dressing robe over me and walked downstairs and, of course, there he was.

I sighed quietly as I snuck up behind him and hugged him from behind as he spread the vegemite all over his toast, "Good morning, babe. Did you sleep well last night?" He smiled as he wrapped his arm around me so I was now snuggled into his side as we watched the sun rise through the window.

"I slept perfectly, I probably won't for the next 4 months though because you won't be next to me," I pouted as I dug my head into his chest and he rested his chin on my head, "I love you, Kitten." My words were muffled slightly by his bare chest.

"I love you too, Baby cakes," He said as he rubbed my back gently, "Can Kitten have a kiss, darling?" He asked and I smiled as I looked up and he bent down as we kissed. My hand came up from around his waist to glide along his jaw and up and into his fluffy, messy hair.

"I love you more," I giggled as our foreheads pressed together as I looked into his amazing eyes.

"Nope, " He popped the 'p', "I definitely love you more without a doubt." He smiled as he placed another kiss on my lips.

I couldn't contain my smile, it's hard when you have perfection standing right in front of you, "Excuse me dears, can I just squeeze through there, I didn't mean to ruin your moment," Karen smiled as she squeezed past us to the other side of the kitchen where she made herself two coffees, the other one for Daryl I'm guessing.

I took a bite of Mikey's toast as I grabbed myself a banana and an apple. My plain jane breakfast for today. I sat on Michael's bed eating my apple away as I watches him pack, "I'm going to miss you, baby," I stuck out my bottom lip and he nodded.

"I'll miss you too, remember, it's only four months and then I'll be back for Christmas and New Years and we'll spend as much time together as we possibly can, Darling," He smiled, pecking my lips and then heading back to packing. He has approximitly 5 hours to have everything ready before he has to leave, "Love youuu." He blew me a kiss and I pretended to catch it before I sent him one.

"But you won't be here for my birthday," I pouted as I flopped backwards on the bed.

"Damn." He replied, "I really wanna be there, Skype call?" And I nodded to his plan.


"Don't leave me M-michael," I cried into his shirt as I gripped onto him with all my might, "Stay, Mikey?" I looked up into his glossy eyes that were brimmed with tears just waiting to be shed.

"I really want to, sweetheart," His voice was shaky as he held onto me tighter, "We'll Skype and FaceTime, everything. Everything we possibly can babe, but I have to go now. I love you." He loosened his grip as he pulled me in for one last, passionate kiss not caring about all the cameras on us as hia flight was called one last time.

Andy and Kirsty, who were also crying as well, had to pull me off of him, one arm in each hand as we waved goodbye to our boyfriends, well, Kirsty and Ashton aren't really dating yet but whatever. Yet. Haha.

I saw Michael lean down and wipe his eyes, as he turned back and waved to me. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was red and bit down on his lip as he reluctantly headed onto the plane, "I love you.." I whispered as I ran up to window and watched him get onto the plane but I couldn't see where he was seated. Damn.

Paparazzi gathered around me and I took deep breathes and counted to ten to calm me down - my new technique that I figured out when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi.

Ellyse this! Ellyse that! Was all I could heard before I yelled at them to shut up and to ask me questions one at a time. They were all asking the girls' questions too about the 3 different boys but surprise, surprise, Acacia wasn't here.

Shocker. Not.

I knew he didn't really mean that much to her, just another guy for her to play because that's just how she rolls, I guess.

After I finally finished up answering their moat commom questions, I decided it was probably time to leave because I was starting to feel a little sick. Probably from them crowding around me.

As soon as I had finished my goodbyes to everyone I told Andy and Kirsty to just take me straight home because I felt so sick still. Not enough food? Maybe.

Once home, I ran straight into the bathroom where I vomited up everything. And being the crybaby I am, I started to cry, "Michael.." I cried, wishing he was here with me but I guess not.

I cleaned myself up after I was sure that I wasn't going to throw up again and headed into my room to lay down because being up and about is the last thing that I want to be doing.

"Are you okay, babes?" She sniffled, still quite upset about Calum leaving for 4 months.

"I just feel really sick but I think I'll be better in like a week or so, I should be better before my birthday," I half smiled and she nodded before bringing me back a moist, cold face cloth to put on my forehead to cool my down.

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