Beside you-Michael Clifford

Ellyse was adopted into the Hemmings household when she was 12. She's now 17 and her brother, Luke, is coming back for a little break from his tour with his band. When he comes home, he brings his band mates too..

A special someone catches Ellyse's eye. She has a huge crush on him and tries to keep it a secret but little does she know he feels the same way about her.

When 5 Seconds Of Summer has to go back on tour and Ellyse and the band get separated, does a special band member wish he was beside her?


21. 21

Saturday :D The day of the late night fair!

11 am! I slept in late.. Oops. Oh well, I still have 4 hours before I need to be the mall where we're going to meet up first and get some dinner before hand and then we're going to the fair together, so it's fine. I rolled out of bed and changed into my outfit for the day.

My phone buzzed in pocket, signaling I had got a text. It was from Kitten.

Kitten: Can I come over early so we can hang out, just us two, Baby girl?

Ahh! I just love it how he calls me Baby girl sometimes. Damn, I'm the luckiest girl in the world. In some ways I am a crazy cat lady, minus the single-ness haha. I'm crazy about a kitten and I'm a lady.. Ya see? Crazy cat lady. Boom! Mind equals blown. Nah, I'm just joking around.

Me: Duhhh, Mikey xx You could come around at 2 am if you really wanted to x

Kitten: Okay. I will then. Someday I'll come around at 2 am and surprise you. Be prepared.

Me: Please don't.

Kitten: Too bad 😸 *Evil Laughs*

Me: Oh no...

And after that, he never texted me back. Fuck. Now he could possibly scare the shit out of me at 2 am and I won't know when until the night. O.O

I made myself another smoothie because, damn these things are good. Like for real.

"Ellyse! Your boyfriend's here!" Kirsty yelled as I heard the door creak open and Michael's voice.

I got up out of my chair as fast as possible and ran to the door where I engulfed Mikey in a tight hug, "Hey, baby cakes," He said as he placed a kiss on top of my forehead.

I tilted my head up to look at him, my arms still wrapped around his waist, "Helloooo" I said as I stood on my tippy toes and gave him a kiss.

"Video games?" He asked and I smiled and nodded as we headed into the living room to play, "Can I have some?" He asked as he pointed to my half-full smoothie with his game controller.

"You want to eat something healthy? Are you okay, Michael?" I giggled as I moved his hair off if his forehead before I pressed my hand against his forehead pretending to feel his temperature.

"Trust me, my blood's not up there," He winked and a little blush crawled onto my cheeks as I slapped him lightly on his arm, "But seriously. Can I have a sip?"

"Okay, you can have a sip," I tilted my cup so he could have a sip but instead he took like all of it, "Michael! I said a sip not the whole drink" Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little. Okay, maybe a lot. He smirked at me as he nodded towards the T.V.

We spent the next 2 hours playing Call of Duty, The Walking Dead season 2 and Tomb Raider. I lifted my head out of his lap to get my phone and see what the time was, "Omg, Michael we only have half and hour left until we need to be at the mall! I'll go get the girls and you just.. Umm pack up our mess" I chuckled looking at the mess we had made.

"Girls!" I yelled as I ran up the stairs and banged on each of their doors, "We need to leave now!" They came rushing out of their rooms and we ran down stairs to see Michael had done a good job cleaning up most of them. Oh well, we'll clean it up when we get home. Too late now.

Kirsty grabbed her keys on the way out and we drove out here. Too bad if we're late. I have to say it was partly my fault for not setting an alarm for when we had to leave..

We arrived just on time at the mall and just as we parked up in a parking spot, Cal, Ash, Luke and this blonde chick, who must be Luke's girlfriend, pull up in the parking spot next to us. I waved over Michael at Luke who was also in the back seat with that girl.

We all got out of the car at the same time. Andy and Calum immedietly rushed to each other. I reconnected my hand with Michael's as I headed over to Luke where he was opening the door for his girlfriend. As soon as I saw her face I knew exactly who she was. Know I know what Mikey was talking about when he said I wouldn't like his girlfriend. She was a bitch.

Acacia. And judging by the smirk on her face, she recognised me too, "Hi, El. Meet Acacia, Acacia this is Ellyse," He smiled as Acacia zmiled to as she giggled and pulled me into what must've been the most meaningless hug.

"Nice to meet you, Ellyse" She giggled as she kissed Luke. I had to hold back the vomit that was coming up my throught. I could feel Andy's and Kirsty's eyes on me and they knew exactly who she was too. Fake bitch. I bwt you she's only using him, just like she's done with every other boyfriend she's been with.

The anger inside of me was boiling but I couldn't show it because Luke seemed to really like her.


I shared some KFC with Michael as the others got fast food from various other places in the food court. Once everyone had finished, we headed down to the late night fair and just in time too because it was just starting open and there were no long lines yet.

The advantages of getting there early.

Surprisingly, and thankfully, there was no paparazzi around. Or that I could see anyway. Perfect.

"Photobooth?" I whispered in Michael's ear and he nodded. So we took off running to the photo booth. I know exactly where everything is because nothing has changed since I was a little girl. We sat in the photobooth together and just as we were going to put the money in, two heads popped up in front of the curtain.

"Ooh, this going to be fun! All four of us!" She fucking gigfled as she pulled Luke in as we all squished up on the seat. As the pictures were being taken Luke and Acacia were sucking each others faces off. Get. Me. Away. From. Her. Now before I puke.


Hey! Thanks for reading! Fyi, I love Acacia to bloody pieces and everything bad about her in this story, I absolutely don't mean :P Please favourite & like this story I'm trying to get to my goal which is 30!! Love you all

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